Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday Thumper was waiting for me when I went down to the State Park. Yes, it was sunny. But man was it ever cold!
This is looking south. The small island in the distance in the middle of the picture is Hat Island. Guess you can tell by the clouds what it was doing in Everett!
Used Trellis Vine on this quilt of Mary C's. Also on this flannel quilt of Wilma's. Wilma recycled her Buck-a-Block patterns from a couple years back & made this darling baby quilt. Hmmmm, I wonder where my patterns for these blocks are at? I have a couple quilts waiting to be delivered. I'll post again once they are picked up.
Be thinking happy thoughts for me tomorrow. Dad & I are going on an outing. Might be good for a short story if I'm lucky! LOL!!!!

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