Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thanks For Double Love

I got a nice surprise in the mail today. Thank you Secret Pal. I hope you know how much it means to me to get nice surprises. And ice cream, yum.

I got a nice bouquet. I think it's from Mr. S. "You are awesome & deserve to have a great day." No signature or who it's from. Must be him. Hope it's him.
*Confirmed, it was him!

Thanks for the love!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

December Quilting Part 2

Where does the time go? December was a busy month for me. January proved to be challenging. The mother board on my Gammill went out! 1 week without her was torture! Thanks to Kristi Willard for letting me use her machine for a couple days so I didn't get too far behind.

Back to December finishes. Elaine made this cute tree panel quilt.

Peggy made this cross quilt as a gift for a friend. 

This is Dawn's BIG Irish Chain. 

Leaves always work.

Filling on big borders can be a challenge. Using the piecing as my guide made it much easier.

Jessie made this super cute Owl quilt using Sarah's pattern. Very happy, bright colors.

I've always spend time at the beach near my house. It's a great place to unwind.
Here's what you are missing.

I watched these 2 play forever. They even came up underneath the dock & had a little snack.
Don't forget to take time to look. 

Be back soon.