Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunset & a quilt

It was so nice yesterday, I decided to go to the beach & walk. These were the first colors of sunset. It was a very low tide. I've never seen so many clam shells. The seagulls must have had a feast! I'm also trying to look at colors around me for inspiration for quilts. Trying to think outside the box & get out of my "cookie cutter quilts". You know what I mean? These were the next colors I saw. This is what happens to all the little pieces of driftwood when the tide is high & it's stormy. I think that picnic table might have been rockin' & rollin'. Note to self-go to the beach next time it's stormy! Now that's what I was waiting for! Just a little pink as I got back to my car. These were all taken at Camano Island State Park. The hidden gem of Camano Island. Evie put together this sweet panel for her new granddaughter. It has minkee on the back. So soft! Here's what the borders came out like. So much easier to quilt for girls!
Back to quilting for now. The weather is nice here today. Looks like another great afternoon to go to the beach. I hear the gray whales are back. Maybe I'll get lucky & see one!
See you again soon!...................Sharon

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catching up

Not sure what happened to last week & the blog. So here goes! This yummy blue & yellow goodness is from Kris. I used a new panto "Bountiful Feathers" on it.
Paula from The Granary did this quilt last year as a sampler class. Love those pinks & browns!
Susan made a darling quilt for her grandson. He is one lucky boy!
Last for today's show is Lynn's Thimbleberries Bernina Applique quilt. Those of you in "Berninaland" know about all the computer programs that stitch around the pieces you've appliqued onto your quilt. This was a year long class for her & well worth the stunning result! Below is the border block. I forget how many there were, well enough to go around a queen size quilt! Some of the center blocks. Her choice of pinks really made this quilt pop! Hope you all have a good week. I'm watching football today & quilting. Might even get my Tisket Takset quilt ready for a photo shoot.
24 days & counting......................Nana(my new name as per Little Mister)Sharon

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

50 degrees

It was 50 degrees when I got up this morning. Very unusual for January. I think I missed the best colors of the sunrise, but thought this was worth sharing. Everywhere I looked in the sky there was pink this morning. I love it here!
This goodness is from Miss Julie. It is one of the Hero Quilts. I love this one. Way to go Julie.

I think I'll head out to the deck for some tea. See you soon. More quilt pictures coming soon.
28 days & counting......................Grandma Sharon

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What have I been doing?

So here she is, Miss January from the new Bunny Hill Snowbound. Only bought the background fabric & will use from my stash for the rest. I had so much fun with the Tisket Tasket last year, who could resist this cuteness? I have the Sassy's hooked too. More on that in another post! This is the feathered star for Roxanne Carter's bonus BOM from her GNO class that I am in. This is the pattern & fabric's I'm using for the borders leftover from another quilt I did. I'm still trying to decide whether to do the whole quilt or just quilt this up for a table topper. My Arlington group voted for whole quilt. You can see what it will look like when it's done in the bottom right hand corner. Queen size, am I up to it or not? Hmmmmmm. I'm still thinking. Hope everyone had a good week. It was my sister's birthday. Her card to me last year was so funny I sent it back to her. Something about not turning into Dad! On the countdown again. 32 days until Little Mister learns some new dance moves from this Grandma!
It's sunny here today. Hallelujah!!!
See you again soon.....................Sharon

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hero Quilters

These are just a few of the quilt & quilters from our last sew day. If you are not busy on Saturday January 9th come join us at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop from 10:30-4. We'll be sewing up more quilts for American Hero Quilts. Thank you to everyone who has helped us with our quilts. We started out as a group of 5 in January of 2007 & now I send e-mails to 60+ every month. Thank you again for all you do!
Sharon & The Stanwood-Camano Hero Quilters

Best Intensions

I thought I would have time to post while we were in CA last week. What was I thinking? It was a very fun week in Grandmaland. We babysat, went for walks, ate good food & enjoyed the time we had together.
Our big trip was out to Half Moon Bay & to Moss Beach. First we stopped at Sam's Chowder House for lunch. I had a crab appetizer that was oh so delicious & a salmon burger that melted in my mouth. They have a famous Lobster Roll too(none of us ordered one this time). After lunch we drove to Moss Beach to check out the seals & go for a little hike. I spotted these pretty flowers blooming along the way. Little Mister was having a good ride with his Daddy. Daddy really is happy(I think the sun was in his eyes). Here are a few of the seals we saw. Just a nice view of the ocean. Then Sam took Jim up for a flight to Hollister. This is the airport in Livermore. The little dots are surfer dudes at Santa Cruz. And this is a shot of the pier at Santa Cruz. I managed to get a little sewing in while I was there. Made Little Mister some flannel jammies. Also worked on my Truly Scrumptious quilt. I'll have to post pictures later of them. Joanna has the pictures on her camera!

Back to reality this week. Quilts are waiting, the tree is still up & I need to get busy. Happy New Year to everyone. May 2010 be our best year yet!.................Sharon