Friday, July 31, 2009

One of my quilting projects

So when it was this on Wednesday(our thermometer is in the shade all day) It actually got up to 103 on Camano Island! I went to my sewing room, turned the fan directly on me, and worked on these. They are my sampler blocks from Girl's Night Out with Roxanne Carter. In addition to the monthly pattern you get a pattern for a sampler quilt. Several ways to put this one together. I chose the Quilt As You Go, just to try something new. I only had to buy the gold fabric & the green backing. the rest was leftover from other quilts. It's from the Holiday in Paris line from In The Beginning. I actually do sew something for my self once in awhile!If you need something to do this weekend head over to Monroe to the Busy Bees Quilt Show. It's at Monroe High School. It's AIR CONDITIONED!!!! I know a couple quilts I quilted for customers will be there.
The quilting machine is calling, better go to work.
17 days & counting..........Grandma Sharon

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot, hot, hot

Whew, is it going to get hot today? In the high 90's & a predicted 101 in Seattle tomorrow? At least it's not raining!
I woke up this morning to this

I've always called my view a "sneak peak" view, but hey, at least I have a view. The sunrises here are always spectacular. Glad I didn't miss this one.
This is DC enjoying the shade on the deck(before I restained it). She is our little hunter & is usually out on rodent patrol. She has quite the attitude. Someone here spoils her & it's not me!

I got to Skype with Little Mister last night. Mommy showed off his new "turbo" crawling. she says he's getting good at walking around hanging onto the furniture. I have a feeling he'll be walking by the time they get here! I can hardly wait!

19 days & counting..........................Grandma Sharon

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Update

This weeks quilts are from the Sassy's. The first one is all different kinds of applique flowers made by Susan. She calls it "Flowers for Helen" to honor her mother. Most of the fabric was from her stash. The print she used for the large setting triangles was a clearance fabric. It also is the back of the quilt. She took a class where they taught all different ways to make flowers. I feel so lucky to be able to quilt for such talented women! On this block the white flowers are made from cheesecloth! Ribbon roses & bearded iris are in this basket bouquet! Norada is the queen of batik. I don't think there's a batik out there that she doesn't like! I promise I'll head right over to webshots & get more pictures up today! Hope you are having a great weekend. I'm almost done with re staining the deck. Hooray! It's supposed to be in the 90's all this week. Hot for Western Washington!
21 days & counting!................................................Grandma Sharon

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I finally won something on a blog for commenting. Actually it was for telling the best High School Home Ec story. Here's the story-

Gingham Aggravation
by Sharon

Our Home Ec room was on the 2nd floor at our High School. Some of the girls took Home Ec because they thought it would be an easy credit (ha ha). One of my classmates (who did alternative activities at lunch- (it was the early seventies)got so frustrated with her gingham raglan sleeved dress that she threw it out the window! If that wasn't funny enough, it got caught on the curtain cord and was swinging back & forth in the wind. The teacher tried not to laugh....well you know how this ended. It still makes me laugh today!

The contest was part of the Minnesota Blog Hop. Every day for 2 weeks a different pattern designer in Minnesota posted a pattern or a "how to" on their blog. As a "hopper" you had to visit all the blogs & leave a comment. Each blog had a giveaway & there was a Grand Prize worth $250. My Home Ec story won on Kari's blog . I've already used one of my "prizes", Clearly Perfect Angles . Watch the videos. No more blue painter's tape on my sewing table when I need to sew on corner stones! Check it out.

Also watch here for the next "Blog Hop" . Here's what Gudrun from G.E. Designs has to say-Many of you have asked us and encouraged me to organize another hop like this one and I am happy to announce that I am going to for sure. The next Blog Hop will be in November and you will be hearing more about that later. We will venture a little bit further than Minnesota that time around and introduce you to more great designers. Our hop is called Cross Country Christmas and we will give you great holiday ideas; projects, decorating, recipes and more......stay tuned.

Another fun blog I found is from one of Joanna's high school friend's, Shaun Myrick. This is what he writes about-"This Daily blog will help give tips to save money and how to entertain, cook, decorate, garden, and everything regarding your home!" I am going to make the Tiramasu Cupcakes , Meatless Meatballs , & Falafel when Joanna & Sam visit next month. He has lots of great information on his blog, check it out!

Judy's blog has some great pictures from the Mukilteo Quilt & Garden show that was on Saturday & the Sister's Quilt Show. Stop over & say "Hi". I help Judy with blog posts, she thinks I'm the "blog guru". LOL!

Quilts are calling & I'm taking Dad shopping today. I'll report later on the shopping. Wish me luck!

26 days & counting...........................Grandma Sharon

Here's a custom from last week

Mostly pantos all week last week. Get then on, move them out. This Asian panel was Meg's. She's one of the "Granary Girls" & a new customer. It was fun to fill in all the different sections!
The quilting shows best on the back!
I'll be back in a minute...........................Sharon

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still Quilting

The quilts just keep coming. Whew! These quilts were made by Kim & Jennifer, mother & daughter quilters from Girl's Night Out. They are pretty new to quilting & having a great time! This first quilt is one from Bunny Hill Designs. So sweet!
You can never fail with a Buggy Barn quilt.
They took my the "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin" class & this is Jennifer's UW version. Go Huskies!

I'll try & get some my webshots updated soon. Playing catch-up because Jim & I escaped to Eastern Washington for an overnight & stopped for fruit at my favorite orchard. More about that in the next post!
Little Mister is standing by himself now. He should be walking by the time they get here!
33 days & counting...............................Grandma Sharon

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tisket Tasket Blocks

Here are the first 6 blocks in the A Tisket A Tasket from Bunny Hill Designs. The patterns are FREE. Some quilters have used the fuse & blanket stitch method to put them together. I searched several times in my "stash" for corner stones & sashing. The fabric "archives" really came through!

I decided to plant beans in with my geraniums this year. They are fragrant when they bloom. Can't wait! This year I am trying the Topsy Turvy planters for some tomatoes. As you can see I am growing a "tomato jungle" on the deck.

The quilt machine is calling. Better get cracking! I'll be back in a couple of days!

41 days & counting until Little Mister gets here!!!!!! Grandma Sharon

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Well, almost. I finally won something from commenting on a blog! Thanks Mary Lou Weidman! Go checkout her blog, it's so much fun.

Here's a cute Dad story. He is good about making a list of things he needs to get when we go shopping. A couple weeks ago I saw his list, it had "paint & a paintbrush" on it. Can you see the headlines now? Care facility evacuated because of paint fumes? He has always been Mr Fixit. You know, the guy who is always puttering on something. He has decided that his walker needs to be painted. Ay ca rumba! Not sure how I'm going to talk him out of this one. I did tell him he couldn't paint in his room. He agreed, at least then he did.
I went on a Garden Tour last weekend here on Camano Island. It was gardens that are Certified Natural Habitat. The gardens were lovely & I got some great ideas.

Big Maiden Hair fern.
Bird Feeders
Nice fenceA "friend" in their gardenMillion dollar view
Our little firecracker. We have really been enjoying Skype! Now I get to see Little Mister almost every day!I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Think I'll try & get some z's. I'll have more quilt pics in a couple days. See you then!................Sharon

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Tote Bag

I do sew things for myself once in awhile. I saw this bag at The Quiltmaker's Shoppe in Arlington. The Pattern is the #1145 Charming Totes 3 from Whistlepig Creek Productions. I loved the pinwheel & used a button from Mom's button tin on it. The lining is one of my favorite chicken prints. (From my Chicken Stash) Yes, Joanna, I used something from my stash! It went together very fast. Try one!

The best news this week is that I now have Skpye! Grandma & Little Mister can talk now. He'd rather eat the phone when I try & talk to him. He kept looking out the window at their house when he heard my voice. Shouldn't take him long to figure Grandma is on the computer talking to him! I set up the Web Cam & Skype myself. If you don't have it, you should give it a try.

Until next time.............Happy Grandma Sharon