Monday, May 25, 2009

Is it tomorrow yet?

Where does the time go? I have good intentions & then.....well, you know, life happens! Here are some of the new blogs I've found. The Last Piece has great pics from quilt market. I keep drooling over the great strawberry fabric. Hope I can find some! Bari J has tutorials for a pincushion & apron on her blog. Magnolia Bay Quilts has some really great quilts & had a drawing for her book Scrap-Basket Surprises. No, I didn't win! Joanna sent me this link . She is always looking for new recipes!

Here are some of the funny blog entries I said I would post. Pam Kitty Morning
always has something funny going on. Don't miss her video posts from Quilt Market starting on May 15. Then go over to Bunny Tales & see what Anne had to say about Pam & her antics! Anne made reference to Mark Lipinski & his funny airport story.

Yesterday Jim & I went to Granite Falls. Made my usual rounds for Memorial Day Weekend. Stopped at the cemetery to leave flowers. I remember Mom having to go to multiple cemeteries with buckets of flowers to keep her great aunts & uncles happy. The least I can do is leave her flowers. Her flower gardens were always so pretty. Then it was off to the Museum. I didn't remember that Jim hadn't seen the new Museum building yet, he was very impressed. I am amazed at what this great group of people have done in my little town! The main reason I stopped is that we donated Mom's wedding dress & veil to them. It's better than having it in a box in the closet. For those of you that don't know , Mom & Dad were married in the early 50's during her Senior year in High School. Dad was in the Army & heading for Germany. Money was tight & my Dad's Mother, Grandma Florence bought Mom's wedding dress at Chaffee's in Everett. The dress looked so pretty in the case. This picture is with it. Go see if you get a chance. When I think of her now this is how I see her..................forever young. We finished off the day with my favorite Honey Mustard Chicken Salad at Omega Pizza & Pasta . A "must stop" if you are in Granite Falls!
I hope I didn't ramble today. 13 days & counting................Sharon

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Liquid Sunshine

Who ordered this weather? I can't believe how cold it is here! On Sunday when we got to my sister's in Medford it was 96 degrees at 6 pm. Maybe I should go back. Guess what? I am in 3 weeks. Joanna needs a babysitter for Little Mister for a couple days, who can resist?
I have some fun quilts coming up. That's what is so great about this job, a quilt show every day! Here's one that I took a picture & did some doodling while I was gone. I'll put pics up when I'm done.

This is what happens to your overloaded lilac bush when you are on vacation & it rains. A "lilac arbor" over the front door. It smells heavenly. I guess it is time to get out the pruners. And don't worry, I am not like Dad when I trim bushes. You know the ones that look like they have a Marine haircut. I am wanting to move this lilac anyway. Joanna gave it to me for Mother's Day when we lived in Granite. I moved of our here in 2009.

Time to get to work! 21 days & counting................................Grandma Sharon

p.s. I'll try & blog about what some of my favorite bloggers have been blogging about tomorrow. A trip to the bathroom & your favorite beverage required!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Greetings from sunny CA! Yes Grandmaland is the best! We got to babysit yesterday. So much fun. Little Mister is giving kisses back when you kiss him & nods his head "yes" , he has 2 teeth & is working on what looks like 3 more.(He wasn't a happy camper last night & kept Mommy up from 12-3). Tonight we are going to the quilt shop where all of his "Aunties" make a bee-line for the door to see who gets to hold him first. Tomorrow we're all going to Golden Gate Park.
Here's the latest pic of our happy boy!
The other pics are Hen & Chicks on steroids. I've never seen them so big. Can you see the 2 ladybugs in the first picture?I'll have more pictures to post once I get home. Sunday night we are staying with my sister Diane & her husband Greg near Medford Oregon.

Talk to you again soon....................... Grandma Sharon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taming the Beast

I shouldn't call humungo quilts beasts, but after wrestling them on the machine & quilting(what seems like forever) That's what it feels like when you are done! This quilt was made for a friend's friend. The bed is king size with a pillow top. My bed is only queen size with no pillow top, how do I get on my friend's "please make a quilt for me list?"

Anyway here's a peek at one of the blocks. I tried my own version of "Just Leaf It" for the background fill. I'll head over to Webshots & load some more of the pictures for you to look at. The count down is now 3 days left until I'm off to Grandmaland..................woohoo!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally better!

Finally over the bronchitis that I had! Not having to quilt,nap,quilt anymore! This quilt was made by Georgia & Carol for Georgia's DIL. Her father passed & it's a memory quilt made from some of his cowboy shirts. They had me quilt the brand,RGF, used on the ranch. I always enjoy quilting memories for someone!
There are more pics on my webshots. We are on the countdown to Grandmaland. Only 9 days left before we get to Little Mister's! I'll try & post while we are there.
I better get cracking on the quilting.................Sharon