Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quilts & Weather

I think I haven't said UNCLE loud enough because we keep getting more snow! It's snowing again as I write this.
There are a few flowers out in the yard. Bright yellow primroses, something called lung wart(it has varigated pink & blue flowers) & my favorite snow bells. I took a few bulbs from Granite when Dad sold the house. They remind me of Mom.
I promised Little Mister I'd make him a snowman. I cheated & built it on the deck. Too cold & wet for me! The weather forcast for the Bay area is calling for snow in the Oakland Hills & around San Francisco! Close to Little Mister!
Here's a quilt from Mary C called Weaver Fever.
Kim made this Blooming 9 Patch. You can get a closer look at the Camano Island Quilt Show April 8th & 9th.
Joyce is bringing me the quilts that have been aged like fine wine. Here's Starry Path using a new panto "Whoopsy Daisy".
Hope you are all safe & dry. One thing is for sure, this is great quilting weather!
13 days & counting..................Nana Sharon

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Veggie Quilt & Little Mister

Here are some pictures of Joanna's veggie quilt. She got some of the fabrics from Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop & added some of her own finds to make it bigger. I think "wild woman" Judy Irish might have had something to do with this quilt.

I had fun quilting bugs, veggies & leaves into the quilt.
Here is a picture of Joanna at the beginning of the month. They take a picture of the "baby bump" every month for the baby book. Little Mister had to get in on the fun too!

20 days & counting! Keeping my fingers crossed to some sun & warmer temperatures than here!
Nana Sharon

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still Here & Quilting!

Okay, can someone tell me where the time goes? I'm feeling like the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get. At least as far as blogging goes!

Some of the quilts I've been working on. This first quilt was made by Sara. She is 14 & I think she's been quilting since she was 8. This is the last quilt her Mom will pay for me to quilt(number 3). Made from her favorite color!

Janice is entering this next quilt in the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Show. She is a regular at The Granary. I quilted pine boughs in the borders & corners. Love the border fabric she used!

Joyce has her quilt tops aging like "fine wine".This one was from a Roxanne Carter class a few years back(10 actually). The panto "Rosie" from Willow Leaf Studio was perfect for this quilt!
That's it for today. I'll be posting again soon. I have some great pictures from the beach last week. Also a very funny Little Mister picture & Joanna's veggie quilt that I finally got quilted for her.

24 days until I'm in Nanaland!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason

I'll go to the end of this story first. All clear, nothing to worry about! The best words I've heard in a long time.

I've been talking a lot about this. And what a wild ride it's been!

Afte a routine mammogram in late October I got a call saying they "saw something" & I needed to come back so they could take another look. Sure enough there it was, a small lump. Couldn't feel it, no pain ,nothing. In fact, they said it was probably there last year & they missed it. Gulp!

Long story short, through several months of medical facility miscommunications, I had a lumpectomy last week(January 25th to be exact). Like I said at the beginning, all clear, all good. During the October-January timeline my stomach was like a washing machine & my head would not be quiet! I will freely admitt that Zanax was my new BFF(best friend), don't know how I could have done it without her. So if I seemed a little "off", this is why. What's "normal" anyway?

I'm telling my story to encourage every woman to take care of themselves. Have your mammogram every year. It's worth the squish!

My sense of humor is still intact & life is good.

This is what I woke up to yesterday. The picture was taken from my deck. Ahh, one of the reasons I love my little house on Camano. Moments like this remind me I have many things in my life to be thankful for!

Quilts are calling & someone wants to Skype with Nana!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Little Bit of This & That

How did it get to be February already? I've been busy quilting & sewing lately. This first picture is a winter coat for Joanna. We chose a Project Runway pattern from Simplicity. Love the sassy polka dot lining!

This is a sampler quilt made by Wanda's Mom. Mom left a pile of quilt tops or should I say "Treasures" for her family.

Shelley made a sampler with friends. Love the Falling Leaves panto.

This is Roxanne Carter's Storm at Sea. It might have another name. I know she'll be selling the patterns at the upcoming QA Quilt Show in March.

This is a surprise quilt. A labor of love for a special someone. No pictures of the front until it is in the hands of that special someone.

The roller coaster has been extra bumpy lately. I'll fill you in on a later blog. Happy about the sun we are having, just wish it was a little warmer.

Yes, I'm on the countdown again. 37 days until the Embassador of Happy gets to order me around.
Have a great week & I'll be back soon!
Nana Sharon