Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Quilting

Sandy made all three of these quilts. The first 2 I called Stacked Squares.

Made the squares look like frames.

Another one. Loops & leaf vines.

And a cute baseball quilt.

I saw the design I used in the border on Pinterest. Click HERE for a link to see for yourself.

Odd shapes can be challenging. So I split the block into 4 equal parts by what I call, 
"divide & conquer"(more on this later).

Busy times here. Had the Little Misters this weekend.
More quilts soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Belated Thank You

Do you ever put things away so you won't lose them? Guilty.
The Little Misters were coming & I tucked this in a "safe" place in my sewing room.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Secret Pal for the wonderful Birthday present.
A gift card to Katya's in Stanwood!

This is the dessert case.

Also Thank You to Diane L for this plant stand. The begonias went crazy this year.

My favorite shot from last night's sunset walk. Camano Island State Park.

More quilts soon. Then some Little Mister time.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Knock Knock

Yes, I'm still here. Where did July go? 2 visits from the Little Misters. One trip to their house.

Here's a cute memory quilt Betz had me quilt.

Hearts requested for the blank blocks.

Sally made Roxanne's River Dance for her brother's birthday.

A couple sweet quilts from Kim. I used Pretty Paisley on this wedding quilt.

Inspiration from an Angela Walters class helped with the quilting on this one.

Diamonds Are Forever on Kim's cute pinwheels.

Pretty Paisley.

Daisy Swirl was just right for this quilt by Sue. I just couldn't run over any lady bugs!

Just got back from Portland with Mr S.  Traffic getting there was AWFUL. 
Still it was nice to get away. 

Heading to see the Little Misters this weekend. Nana is babysitting while the parents go on a date.
It's a rough life.

Went to the beach last night. The sunset changes by the minute.
These were taken at Camano Island State Park looking north.

Living a blessed life.