Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sassy Day

A couple Thursday's a month I get together with the Sassy's. A small group of very talented appliquers. I got them hooked on Anne's Snowbound. Hehe! It is so fun to see the different blocks every month. The first block is my Miss March. (Some of us have decided that they are Snow women!) These next 3 are Jean's. She took an embellishing with beads class & is putting her her especial touch on all of her blocks. Beads for sprinkles on the cupcake icing. Love the ribbon touches. There's a cluster of green beads for the scarf knot on this one. This scarf is all beads.
Norada loves batiks.These are her Barbie snow women. Kathy had her blocks there too. Someone(me) was not holding still & the picture is a total blur. Sorry Kathy! I'll try & get her's later.
I've gotten to talk to Little Mister via Skype this week. He's quite the cut up these days. Darwin, the neighbor cat, likes to sleep in the office chair. Little Mister's favorite new game is to spin Darwin around & around in the chair. Darwin doesn't mind & Little Mister gets a major case of the giggles!
40 days & counting for this Nana! Be back soon!

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