Friday, February 28, 2014

Did You Look?

Hope you remembered to look this week. You never know what you will see.
A beach walk on a warm winter night.

I think this was someones bulkhead. Love the color.

Not a lot of color, but great reflection.

I scoured the flower beds for some color. So anxious for Spring here.

Note to self. Have your glasses on when taking pictures. I accidentally erased a camera card before I got the latest quilt pics on the computer. It was similar to this quilt, Bitsy Buttons & Friends. Guess I'll have to wait for another quilt to get done.

Feeling rested after my trip to Nanaland. Hope all is well in your world too.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Modern & Pretty

Customer Jennifer made both of these lovely quilts. The first one is modern & to the moon & back out of her box. Love it when quilters go for it! The quilt is pieced in the triangle sections so it seemed natural to highlight them.


This quilt has quite a story. She worked on the Grandmother's Flower Garden pieces & wasn't quite sure what to do with them. What she did is wonderful. She treated them as a whole cloth and appliqued them onto a background adding the beautiful applique around the outside edge.

I think she was going to scallop the outside edge so I did an allover feathery design. 
 I really like how it came out.

Love when a back sings.
Nanaland has been way too busy. D has been sick. He has a slight case of pneumonia. Envision wrestling a resistant 2 year old around twice a day to give him, not one, but 2 different inhalers.
Not fun for anyone.
Thank goodness he's getting better.
Tomorrow I say goodbye to the 70 degree weather & head home. Hopefully it will have warmed up a bit by the time I get home.
Have a great week & I'll be back soon.
Nana Sharon

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sailboats & More-Do You Feel Lucky?

Do You Feel Lucky? 
 Keepsake Quilting has the contest for you. 
Easy to enter. Just click on the link. 
You Could win Fabric For Life. Woohoo!

Phyllis' great quilt for a new baby. So Sweet.
Sailor's Fantasy quilt by Betz. Don't you love this one?
I had a lot of fun with the border on this one.

I'm in Nanaland right now. 60 degree weather is wonderful.
I haven't gotten into too much trouble yet.
Going to bed very early though.
The Little Misters are up & running by 6.
 Happy Nana Sharon

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dog Days

This is a quilt made by LeAnne using Sarah's Dog Days pattern

Love that dog house.

Fun quilt & would be a perfect boy quilt.
I have a few more done I can show you as soon as the customer's have them.
 Looking forward to a class with Mary Lou Weidman next weekend. We are making the famous cow quilt & hoochie(free form piecing) blocks to go with it.
Have a great week. Here's to warmer temperatures.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Heart My Secret Pal

I get surprises from a Secret Pal. It's so nice when it happens. 
Mr S brought the mail in today & this was in it. Interesting stamps & love the blip on the spelling of my last name. I can't even spell it sometimes!

This was inside. :)

Along with this! Oh my gosh. It's perfect. Garden girls & lovely words to live by.

This one says "We were made for adventure." Amen!

I've already found to coordinates online. Now I just have to come up with a quilt. 

While I was outside my friend stopped by. I think there are 2 of them that have been using the feeder all winter. I have to bring it in at night to keep the liquid from freezing. He will even drink from it before I get it hung back up.

Thank you Secret Pal for all the surprises you bring into my life. They couldn't be more perfect 
& are so appreciated. I hope your Valentine's Day is extra special.

From a smiling Sharon

Sunday, February 2, 2014


It's Super Bowl Sunday and, as promised, here are some pictures of Wilma's Seahawk quilt. Her brother is the lucky one who gets this one.
I apologize in advance for the pictures. Modern technology is not my friend today. I have pictures on my IPad & Flickr & need to figure out how to get them to my blog. Ugh! I will add a link to this post later to a Flickr album. (Crossing my fingers)



Saturday, February 1, 2014

Trying New Things

I've been trying some new quilting designs. I like how they turned out.

Norada made this gem using a Roxanne Carter pattern.

The lively back shows the quilting designs. I love a bright quilt back.

One of JoAnne's lucky grandchildren will be getting this quilt. 

Did you look last week? Was there a beautiful nature scene near you? You'll never know unless you remember to look. This is looking west from Camano Island State Park. I go there a lot & it's different every day. This picture was taken on the 23rd.

This is taken from the same beach on the 31st. Higher tide, more clouds.

Mr Heron is always fishing at the same spot around dinner time. The dock at the boat launch.

I'll be back tomorrow with a special Seahawk quilt I finished for a customer earlier this week.
Have a great Saturday. I'm off to the movies. 

Be back soon.