Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quilting Along

Quilting in high gear here. My new saying is "2 a day so Nana can go play." This first quilt is a fun Buggy Barn by Linda P. Used the good old Linda Taylor Loopy Star on it.This is one of the blocks from a cute baby quiltThe picture doesn't do justice to Jeanie's big batik quilt. A real beauty!
The outside border was big, so I mimicked the applique leaf design. Loving that it isn't surf's up today outside. I can't believe how the rain has been coming down in buckets the past few days, can you? Today we are off to do the cemetery thing with Dad. Maybe a bite to eat at Omega in Granite.
4 days & counting.....................Nana Sharon

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hero Quilt Sew Day

Here are some pictures of our sew day this past Saturday. First up is a delicious Mango cheesecake Mr S ordered for a work potluck that got cancelled. Score for the Hero Quilters! My neighbor's clothesline(she shows her husband a picture & he builds it) was the perfect place to hang some of the finished quilts. Some of the good old Washington Shop Hop fabrics were used in this BQ quilt.Judy Irish worked her magic & quilted this for us. Betz always comes up with some wonderful designs. This is one of my favorites. Our next Sew Day is Saturday June 26th at the Senior Center in Stanwood from 10-4. Good people, good food & always fun!.....................Sharon

CIQ Woven Quilts Classs

Earlier this month I took a Woven Quilt class through my guild, Camano Island Quilters. Judy Irish was the teacher. She has made several of these quilts. One was a winner at Innovations! Her is one of her creations. The sunflowers had fuzzy centers. Any materials are fair game, no limits in Judy's world. Here's Judy helping one of the other students. I think they were auditioning borders. Here's Susan(go big or go home) working on her project. A lap quilt size. Can't wait to see that when it's done! Very pretty aqua colors! Hand dyed fabric was used to make this one. Don't you love the colors? This is what it looked like at the end of class. Love, love, love how she used the had dyes. The raven silhouette is so cool! Here's my creation. No borders yet. I actually found a pink & purple batik to use. I 'll also use a tiny purple flange to frame the woven part & then add the border. The flowers are from a pattern, Captivating Columbine, I got at a guild gift exchange. You can find the pattern here. I had to enlarge the pattern. It was meant to be hand appliqued, but who are they kidding? Hope everyone had a great weekend. Wasn't the weather lovely? Saturday was Hero Quilt Sew Day for me. I'll blog about that later. Yesterday we had Dad over for an early birthday dinner. Artichoke chicken, roasted veggies, red potato salad, & strawberry shortcake pie for dessert! I should have taken a picture of his plate. He said he can't eat as much as he used to. I don't know who he's kidding, it looked like Mt Saint Helens on his plate! Happy 79th Birthday Dad!
See you again soon. On the countdown again, 17 days & counting!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coming Home

This is just after take off from Oakland. Love the "snake like" pattern of the housing development. There was also some Yellow mustard making those velvet hills even prettier. At the bottom of this picture are some sort of cliffs. I never tire of looking at the patchwork of farms. How's this for a bird's eye view of Mt Shasta? Maybe someday in a quilt. We got Little Mister to sit down for just a minute with Mom. I miss them already! It's going to be a busy week here. How about you? I'll be back soon with some pictures of yesterday's CIQ class....................Sharon

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! This is a picture of Mom & I from 1955. She was a young wife & mother, just 24 years old. It is one of my favorite pictures of her. It's hard to believe that she's been gone for 32 Mother's Days. She was a shining example as a mother. Her everlasting love is with me always. To all Mom's in heaven & on earth..................Happy Mother's Day!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

California sewing/quilting

I meant to do a post before I left California,but Little Mister had other ideas. He was covered with red spots on Wednesday night. After having a fever of 101 a few days earlier. The doctor said it was a virus when Joanna took him in Thursday.

So a little late,here's Miss Joanna modeling an apron I made(partly before I left) using $3 fabric found at the Anacortes Quilt Show & Eva's vintage apron pattern. My Arlington quilt group buddies each made one to remember Eva. It's such a great pattern! I put the yards of bias tape on & finished sewing the pieces together at Joanna's. This is a chicken quilt I've been working on forever. Might be hard to make them out since they are beakless & combless here! Borders ready to go, now all I need is time! This is a little applique block from a Pat Sloan BOM pattern that had been in my stash for awhile. Just have November & December to go. Each block has a flag, my favorite! It's propped up against Sam's new raised bed. He is replacing their postage size front lawn with 3 raised beds. I have a few more posts. Coming home & a CIQ Woven Quilts class I took from Judy Irish today. I'm done for now. See you tomorrow!.............................Sharon

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Farmer's Market

The first thing to do when you go to the Farmer's Market in Newark is order a crepe. I've been hearing about these for awhile & knew I had to try one.We looked at the menu & ended up with Banana & Nutella. Last week Joanna & Sam had the Pesto, Mozzarella & Tomato. Mmmmm sounds good! Off to shop while the crepe was being fixed.This is the display table that shows what the crepes look like. who wouldn't want one after seeing this?
There were beautiful orchids & mandarin oranges.All kinds of lovely carrots & beets.Even a band playing!More lovely veggies.Checkout these quail eggs. Don't remember what the bigger eggs are.
Here's the loot that made it home with us. We split the crepe between 3 people. Nice treat! Little Mister Andrew loved the snap peas(me too). The strawberries are like the ones you picked as a kid every summer. Remember? We also got fresh hummus & homemade pita chips.
I wish there was a Farmer's Market closer to us with this kind of selection. Guess I'm going to have to head to Bellingham soon!
See you again tired Nana Sharon!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We had fun playing outside today. He is a real magpie(wonder where that comes from?) & says "outside" until on of us goes out with him. He figured out the hose himself with careful observation. We are so in trouble.
His Papa gave him this "shampoo" mohawk. He is a fish!

This climbing rose just got trimmed. Can you believe that? The smell is so wonderful you get a whiff as soon as you go out the back door. There is also a Jasmine next to it to add to the fragrance explosion!As you can see I am having a great time. I have had to take a nap every day! Nice & sunny here!
I'll be back Thursday in time to go to CIQ. See you then!
Nana Sharon