Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fidalgo Island Quilt Show

Meet Eva Fox & Margaret Inglese. Eva is a Fidalgo Island quilter & Margaret(her twin sister) is from New Jersey. I spotted this delightful duo yesterday at the quilt show in Anacortes. I asked if I could take their picture for my blog & they said yes, but had to scurry over to their quilt. I am told that they love being twins & wear matching outfits to the quilt show. Don't they look happy? Sorry the picture is blurry. There were lots of fabulous quilts & quilting. Of course I always look at the quilting. some computer, some freehand.

This is a big ribbon heart with lovely quilting. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the whole quilt. For me it's all about the quilting! There's still time to see the quilts, today is your last chance! We are celebrating Easter today. My sisters are both coming up & we are using the family room at the Suites where Dad lives. I'll give you a report tomorrow. Oh, I almost forgot, Dad was his usual lean, mean eating machine last week on our outing. He can really put away the food!
Have a nice Easter! Finally on the countdown. 26 days & counting...................Sharon

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Kristi said...

I tried all weekend to get up there and never did. Thanks for posting some great pics!