Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday Thumper was waiting for me when I went down to the State Park. Yes, it was sunny. But man was it ever cold!
This is looking south. The small island in the distance in the middle of the picture is Hat Island. Guess you can tell by the clouds what it was doing in Everett!
Used Trellis Vine on this quilt of Mary C's. Also on this flannel quilt of Wilma's. Wilma recycled her Buck-a-Block patterns from a couple years back & made this darling baby quilt. Hmmmm, I wonder where my patterns for these blocks are at? I have a couple quilts waiting to be delivered. I'll post again once they are picked up.
Be thinking happy thoughts for me tomorrow. Dad & I are going on an outing. Might be good for a short story if I'm lucky! LOL!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still Quilting

Betz did the "Over the river & through the woods" quilt from Crabapple Hill. She saw Carrol's version at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop & fell in love.

A new swirl in the Terry Twist. Have seen this a few times. I finally decided to try it!

Love the rich fall colors she used for the piecing. Wasn't last week grand? I was too early for color at sunset. There were some ducks swimming along the shore eating something good. They were fun to watch & it was a nice way to end my day. My sister Diane & her husband Greg(Double G as Alex calls him) moved back to Puyallup last week. Hooray! Dad listens to her, well most of the time he listens. It will be nice having her close again.

My countdown to Nanaland got pushed out a week. UGH! I think I'll wait until next week to start the countdown again. Maybe the time will go by faster.

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mr. S took me to lunch on Saturday to Suzie's Place at Terry's Corner on Camano. If you haven't been yet, go. Great Greek food, deli style. Mmmmmmm!

Quilts are calling again. Gotta go!...............Sharon

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smooth Sailing

Are you ready for the spring quilt shop tour? Starting tomorrow some great shops will have block patterns & their version of this year's quilt.

Third Annual Quilt Shop Festival Smooth Sailing
March 24-27, 2010 9am - 7 pm.
Gather your friends for a spring quilt tour!
Receive a free quilt pattern designed by each shop just for this annual event!
Quilts on display in participating shops on March 1st.
List of Participating Shops

Here's the quilt from Fabric's Plus in Anacortes. Miss Carol went all out on this one. It was really fun to quilt! My first starfish. I'm always afraid to try something like this. What was I thinking? Cutest crab!Some of the background blocks. No quilt is complete without some swirly girly quilting! I found some pictures from the participating shops. You don't want to miss out on all of this creativity!

Fabric Etc made a round quilt. Absolutely fab! Go here to see what Keepsake Cottage has waiting for you. The Quilt Shop in Anacortes used blue half square triangles to highlight all of the blocks. Check out what Carrol over at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop put together. Batiks, storm at sea, & a "to die for"(Kathy that's for you) border!

Go on a small road trip with a friend & checkout all of the shops. You can see all the beautiful daffodils & tulips in the Skagit Valley along the way.

I've been on the computer long enough this morning. Time to get quilting so I can Sail to a few shops this week & enjoy some of this terrific sunshine!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ta Da

Check, Quilter's Roost quilts done & delivered. This 1st one is the table runner from the Garden Song Art to Heart book. It's screams Spring! Not sure if I've actually used the Pumpkin's Galore panto using the pumpkins before or not. Just right for this fall table topper. A sweet little rail fence quilt with feathered curls. Quilter's Roost will have kits for this sampler quilt at the quilt show. Can't resist doing that swirly girly thing somewhere on a quilt like this. One of the setting triangles.Don't forget the QA Quilt Show starts tomorrow at the fair grounds in Monroe. A must see for any quilter if you are in the area. The theme this year is 'Tradition Meets Innovation'. This show runs from March 19-21, 2010. The hours are Friday & Saturday - 10:00-5:00, Sunday 10:00-4:00.
Carrol from Aunt Mary's quilt shop will be there. Stop & see her too!
It's beautiful out today. Maybe a beach walk later. I'll be sure & take my camera. Have a great day whatever you do!....................Sharon

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seen Any Of These Yet?

So far I have 2 hummingbirds at the feeder. The first one said "Hello, where's the feeder?" around the 1st of the month. Week 3 of the dreaded cold. Once in a while I still sound like I'm going to cough up a lung! I'm really tired if this! I slept 12 hours night before last. Hope that means I'm on the mend. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
37 days & counting.................Nana Sharon

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oops I Missed These

This is the Trellis Vine panto on one of Kim's creations. Love this line for Moda. This is a Garden Trellis pattern from Roxanne, also one of Kim's quilts. You know me & leaves. Don't they go with everything? I quilted my tulip quilts & donated them to the LaConner Quilt Museum. They will have them on display at the museum during the Tulip Festival & they will be for sold as a fundraiser.
It's high gear for me tomorrow. I have 3 of 6 pieces done for a customer.
Green baby/lap quilt-done
Fall table topper-done
Table runner from Art to Heart's Garden Song book-done
Sampler-on the quilting machine
Blue baby/lap quilt-not done
Plaid quilt-not done
Hoping to have all done by Saturday. They are for Quilter's Roost. They'll be vending at the QA Quilt Show next week. Do you have it marked on your calendar? It's a great show. Don't miss out!
Happy Friday!...............Sharon

Sassy Day

A couple Thursday's a month I get together with the Sassy's. A small group of very talented appliquers. I got them hooked on Anne's Snowbound. Hehe! It is so fun to see the different blocks every month. The first block is my Miss March. (Some of us have decided that they are Snow women!) These next 3 are Jean's. She took an embellishing with beads class & is putting her her especial touch on all of her blocks. Beads for sprinkles on the cupcake icing. Love the ribbon touches. There's a cluster of green beads for the scarf knot on this one. This scarf is all beads.
Norada loves batiks.These are her Barbie snow women. Kathy had her blocks there too. Someone(me) was not holding still & the picture is a total blur. Sorry Kathy! I'll try & get her's later.
I've gotten to talk to Little Mister via Skype this week. He's quite the cut up these days. Darwin, the neighbor cat, likes to sleep in the office chair. Little Mister's favorite new game is to spin Darwin around & around in the chair. Darwin doesn't mind & Little Mister gets a major case of the giggles!
40 days & counting for this Nana! Be back soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Outing

The daffodils are in full glory. A must see! the tulips won't be far behind.
While we were in Anacortes I stopped here to see if the Smooth Sailing quilt I quilted for the shop was in the window. It must be hanging inside the store. More in the next post later today.
This cute chef is outside of one of my favorite eateries in Anacortes, Gere-A-Deli. We also drove to Oak Harbor. Mr S might have jury duty next week. Also stopped at the Commissary & NEX while there. So much Easter candy, especially chocolate, I was drooling! I love the smell of chocolate! I tried taking pictures of the snow geese flying, but wasn't successful. It was quite the sight. You'll have to take my word on that one!
The quilt machine is calling. I'll be back later!........................Sharon

You've Got To Be Kidding

Surprise! I thought the weatherman said there was a chance of snow tomorrow. Guess they were wrong again. What's it doing at your house?
More later today. We went to Anacortes & Oak Harbor yesterday. Nice day with Mr S.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday was delivery day. Girl's Night Out at Aunt Mary's seemed like a good place to meet everyone.
Today's quilts are from Lynn. The first is Nature Walk from Thimbleberries. They are not always the easiest quilt to do custom work on, but after some thinking this one finally came together. Tallest , straightest trees ever. Big blocks to play in. And another BIG block. This is a kit she bought from Aunt Mary's a long time ago & was happy to finally finish it. It's called Mandarin Rose & has origami flowers that will get a fun button in the center. I tried a ginkoesque(new word) fan around the flowers. I also picked up quilts from 6 customers while I was there, 5 quilts from one of them! 6 need to be done for the QA show on the 19th. The back seat of my car was piled high with quilts.
It looked like the Quiltmobile!

I'm glad I'm busy. Life is good! I better get off of the computer & get to work!
Later............................Nana Sharon

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quilt of the Week

This is another sampler quilt from The Granary. It belongs to Diane, one of my first CA customers. I've quilted several samplers from the shop & love seeing the difference each person's fabric choices make.

The picture was taken at Joanna's . I wish I had a bedroom with this much natural light at my house! Here's a closeup of the big tulip block. I love quilting leaves if you haven't noticed. A swirly curlyque holds this block just right. I finally have a voice, still a little 1-900 sounding. Just happy to be feeling better. I was looking at my lilac tree yesterday & saw hints of lavender buds! Please Mr Frost stay away!

Hope everyone is having a good week. I am on the countdown again. Heading back down for a nana-sitting visit the end of April. Woohoo!!!!!!! Nana Sharon