Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jenny's Having a Giveaway!

If you don't know Jenny, you should. Head over to her blog & check out her giveaway. She has been working on a new ruler & I can't wait try it out myself. Go Jenny!
Sew Kind Of Wonderful: My first giveaway!: "I wanted to have a giveaway to say thanks to those that follow my blog and to those that leave comments.  It gives me the encouragement..."

Friday, March 25, 2011

Save The Date

CIQ Semi Annual Quilt Show , "25 Years of Quilting" is on April 8th & 9th at the Stanwood Middle School. The hours are 10-5. This year's featured artist will be all of our Charter Members. I know there are going to be some incredible quilts.

Also the Stanwood-Camano Hero Quilters will have a display as well as CIQ Comfort quilts that go to the Providence Children's Center.

Here is this year's stunning raffle quilt, Tulips of Camano.
Remember it only takes one ticket to win. I won the raffle quilt at the Sister's Quilt Show on a $1 ticket! Mark your calendars & share this post with your family & friends!
See you there!

Are You Hopping?

This weekend is the last 2 days of the Tri County Shop Tour. The theme is "Birds of a Feather". Go here for more info.

Carrol at Aunt Mary's has a very fun quilt. She has the cutest penguin on an adventure. Go here to see her quilt.

Fabric Etc up in Bellingham features every shop's block on their blog & talks about each quilt shop too!

Miss Jenny over at Jenny's Doodling Needle quilted 2 of the quilts for this hop. Go to her blog & check out her March 4th post to see her beautiful quilting.

I think I said I'd show more pictures of the Fabric's Plus quilt, so here goes. They made 2 quilts. One quilt using each of the shop's blocks. And one that is a tree where the quilt hangs from the branch. I haven't gotten to see the finished product. I know they were adding flowers & all kinds of other goodies to really make their quilt "sing". So if you go to Anacortes, be sure to stop in and check it out!
Happy Hopping!
I have some new customer quilt pictures to show you soon!
Almost on the countdown to Nanaland again. Due date for Little Mister #2, May 14th!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Noel by Vintage Spools

Have you seen this Block of the Month from Vintage Spools? It's very nice & the grays & pinks make it a one of a kind holiday quilt.

Carrol over at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop had me quilt her's. Fun, fun, fun! She'll have kits available at the QA Quit Showthis weekend in Monroe. It's a great show & there's always lots of fun vendors.

Here's a peek at a few of the blocks. Find Aunt Mary's booth to see the whole quilt & kit.

Wish me luck today at the airport. The metal riveted buttons on by jean back pockets made them think I was suspicious passenger! (Not using the "T" word, you never know when "big brother is watching!) They had to pat down my hiney & wipe my hands with the explosive detecter things. I hate those TSA idiots!

My CA alarm clock (Little Mister) gets up by 6 every morning, so this Nana is tired. I will be back in Nanaland on May 11th & hopefully Little Mister's brother will be here soon after. He's helping me right now or not. Peeling off all the post its & drawing on them! Oops!

See you again soon. I have more quilts picks to share.
Nana Sharon

Monday, March 14, 2011


It's been a busy few days. Little Mister is a running commentary of what he is doing & what the rest of us are doing! Talky McTalkster! Here's what he did today when he was supposed to be napping. At one point I could see his feet lift off the floor & knew he was hanging from the door knob!

(I'll have to try & add the video when I get home. For some reason it's not working.)
We've done lots of reading.
I finally finished Joanna's coat. She loves it.
Little Mister has his own headphones which he loves to wear even when he's not going flying with his Papa.
It doesn't seem possible that it's time to come home already. I worked on a few other projects too. I'll have some pictures once I get home.
One fairly nice weather day. So I didn't luck out there.
Be back soon...........Nana Sharon

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Week's Quilt News

Seems I was a slacker last week & didn't do a post. Hmmmm, it was pretty crazy around here. The wind storm on Wednesday had me wishing it was summer. A couple big gusts & a big limb came down like a rocket on the roof shaking the whole house! Several came down on the neighbor's deck at the same time. They were lucky & had little damage. Us, not so lucky. We had a small hole & are lucky that the neighbor is a handy guy & fixed it for us. Whew! Still working on the final clean up today.

I taught the Twister class at Aunt Mary's on the 26th. Fun day. You remember my post about the quilt here.
It's a really fun quilt to make. Check out the book & ruler.
I also made a sample that I will use in a Hero Quilt.
Diane & Sherry sewing away.
Kim & Jennifer teamed up & finished their top(except for the borders)!
I also quilted the Tri-County Shop Hop quilt for Fabric's Plus in Anacortes. Here's a sneak peek. I'll post more pictures once the hop starts later this month.
Here's my Dad story of the week! What would you do if you were 80 years old, used a walker & it was snowing outside & you lived at an assisted living facility? You would go to maintenance, ask for a snow shovel & they would give you one. Then you would go shovel the sidewalks! I have to admitt that I laughed when the staff told me about this latest "adventure". He's always been a busy person. Likes to putter around outside. I know he was just trying to stay busy. I'm not quite sure how he managed the walker & the shovel. He was probably "Mr Smarty Pants" & abandoned the walker to shovel! Never a dull moment!

Snowman update from my last post. The first words out of Little Mister's mouth when he saw the snowman picture-"Where's the snowman's hat?" Note to self, next time put a hat on the snowman Nana!

My trip to CA is going to be a whirlwind. Baby shower with Joanna's
co-workers on Thursday. Finish It Friday at The Granary. Best of all spending time with Joanna & her family(especially Little Mister).
Quilts are calling!
3 days & counting.............Nana Sharon