Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time Flies & The Tornados

Hard to believe that it's Wednesday already! It didn't take Little Mister long to hop on Nana's lap to show me the helicopter. This dog has a very obnoxious laugh & rolls around on the floor. Or it can spin around in the air if you hold the tail! We went from Niles to Sunol on the Christmas Train. We saw some deer on the way to Sunol. I have more pictures I'll post when I get home of this trip. We sat in an open car on the way there. We went inside for the trip back. He looks so innocent here! I think this was right before he did his best "wet noodle" imitation! The weather has been wild. High wind advisory yesterday & last night. Also some "surf's up" rain. Just like home for us, not so much for the locals.

Our neighbor is watching the cats. She referred to them as "The Two Tornado's" in an e-mail update. Apparently they were streaking through the house with a sock & wouldn't give it up for anything. I'm almost afraid if what I'll find when I get home! Little devils!

Having the time of my life! See you when I get home!
Nana Sharon

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas! Here's the quilt wrap up for 2010.

A sweet little cross stitched bear that Wanda's mother had made. Even though she's been gone for 5 years her work & memories live on!

These are blocks that Maria got from a 96 year old relative that is now in a nursing home. Aren't they beauties? Mostly embroidery on the blocks. Some the lines are made by those paints in the tubes? If you are old enough you will know what I'm talking about!Here's a closer look at the blocks. A lucky granddaughter got this one! Miss Julie made a "big" quilt for her darling Danika. Luckiest granddaughter on earth! And last, but by no means least, my Secret Pal strikes again! Luck me , a gift card to Scandia. I love the Greek chop salad there! Thank you Secret Pal!
I'll be sure & post from Nanaland. Can't wait to spend time with Little Mister. Less than 24 hours & counting!.................Nana Sharon

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Done

Betz makes a quilt for each of her kids when they turn 50. This is for the son who went to West Point. Her own design! That's her peaking out from behind the quilt.

Mary made an angel quilt for a friend who lost some very special people in her life this past year. She wanted simple allover quilting so I came up with ribbon that I was able to go in & out of the embroidery blocks. Sorry, I accidentally deleted the picture of the next quilt. You can see how I followed the pattern of the fabric to quilt the border. I'll add the quilt to my next post.

Have to check on Little Mister later. He was being very "2" yesterday afternoon & almost ended out on the street holding a "free" sign.
I'm on the home stretch with the quilting. Taking a couple hours for myself today for a pedicure & lunch with a friend.
3 days & counting.......................Nana Sharon

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Check out our Christmas tree. Notice anything unusual? No ornaments on the lower half. See little miss innocent, Bella, next to the tree? She & her brother Puma, our fun(most of the time) 6 month old cats have reminded me what it's like to have a 2 year old in the house. Even the upper ornaments aren't safe from this tree climbing duo. Life would be boring without them. Check out the tree skirt too. Never know where I'm going to find it. Lucky if it's still under the tree when we get up in the morning! I have lots of quilt pictures to post later. It's been busy here. Took Dad to the Dr this past week to hear that his hand is healing well, but needs to be in the cast 2 more weeks. Not what he wanted to hear. Had a BIG turnout for Hero Quilting yesterday. Hoping to get a picture or 2 from Judeen to show you.

Loving the sunshine today. Hope you are having a peaceful day too.
This Nana is on the countdown! 6 days & counting......................Nana Sharon

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Colors for Colorful Friday

Here goes on what I found for Christmas Colours. My favorite quilts. Miss December, a Quilting With Roxanne Sampler & a little quilt with Hoffman fabrics with fun thread for the quilting.

A very special gift from Great Grandma. A real fur hat & hand warmer. A favorite from Mom. Whipped paraffin wax Christmas tree. My snowman collection.
I learned to smock around in the early 80's from Ester Oliver. She was from Wales & a real gem! Sewing themed ornaments. My favorite holiday family picture circa 1961. I think my Grandma Vivian made us the matching outfits. That's me on the left in case you couldn't tell.Not color, but another favorite picture of Christmas. 1957. How on earth did they get my dress to look so perfect? I almost forgot to tell my favorite Christmas song, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bruce Sprintstein. I love "The Boss". I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your families. I'm headed to my "happiest place on earth", Nanaland! I'll be sure & file a report while I'm there.

P.S. Robyn over at this blog is the person behind all of the "colourful" players. My friend Pam plays too.

Blue Birds of Happiness

Carrol at Aunt Mary's Quilt shop amazes me with her beautiful applique. This quilt will be available at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop as a kit. Scrumpdillyisious! the color in these pictures doesn't do it justice. It has a very crisp yellowy-green background. Aren't these blue birds the sweetest? Here's the whole quilt. I think the color shows a little better here. The big blocks with a variation of the Terry Twist in the center. Lots of "swirly girly" quilting , my favorite! All the cherries with this adorable check. Sweet , sweet, sweet! Another big cherry block. It was very fun to quilt. I hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time, Sharon

Friday, December 3, 2010

Teal Friday

My favorite quilt with Teal. More quilts with Teal.

A crochet ruffled scarf I'm making. A boring Teal t-shirt. My favorite Teal place is Lolly Chops blog. You have to go check it out. She is a designer & crafter extraordinaire & has a cast of characters on her blog. Dog Chops, Mom Chops & Ron Chops to name a few. Calendar Cutest Owl and my personal favorite is Exhibit Teal .

Take a peak at Lolly Chops, it's worth a few mouse clicks!

Sorry if a few of my pictures are a little blurry. It kind of sums up how I feel after this whirlwind week. A little blurry around the edges!

Thanks for stopping by on Teal Friday!...............Sharon

2 Lucky Grandsons

How lucky are Grandson's today to have Quilting Diva Grandma's? LUCKY! Jean designed this first quilt for her grandson. He saw Mariner's Compass quilt & knew he wanted one. Closeup of the quilting in the compass points. Quilting in all of the background squares. All of these blocks are 1 1/2" strips that are made into these fab strata blocks. Check out the first picture to get the full effect. Mary C has a 9 year old grandson who will be getting this quilt. I think it's a Judy Neimyer pattern. Love all the lime greens! It's been a wild week here. Dad broke his hand. After 3 trips to the doctor it's in a cast & (cross your fingers) healing. I'll post later today on Friday's color TEAL.
See you then....................Sharon

Friday, November 26, 2010

Silver Friday

A fellow long arm blog friend, Pam, asked me to play the color game this week. So here goes on all things silver.
The obvious silverware. Yes, those are crumbs. Note to self, wash the tray this weekend. Great grandma's tarnished silver. Wooden box, velvet lining. Reminds me of special holiday meals with her. My snow covered ride. Thread & a favorite applique jelly pen. A few of the items in my sewing room. Favorite scissors.Check out the the zipper bag behind the magnetic pin dish. That's for "cat proofing" the pins. Little darlings like to play with my pins & spread them allover the house1 My badge lanyard from when I worked at the big "B". Mr S thought this silver etched tray was a pizza pan. Imagine my surprise when he took it out of the oven! Lots of silver picture frames. Dad with my first cat Lucky. Joanna & Sam. And my special Little Mister. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was this little? Here's a link to Pam's blog. Here's a link to the blog that started colourful Fridays.

All I have to say today is Hooray! The snow is gone!
See you again soon.................Sharon