Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Week's Quilt Goodness

 These are Darlene's quilts. This applique/9 patch is cheery & looks like summer.

The border was wide at the top & just needed a filler.  Ribbon & leaves worked out perfect. 

This is a tablecloth. Lovely lemons will brighten up any meal. 

I'll try & post about my little caped crusaders later today or tomorrow. It's very busy here in Nanaland.  Andrew had a "sleepover" last night in my room. Glad at least he got some sleep.

Be back soon.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Secret Pal Surprise

Look what I got in the mail last week.  "A sweet something to celebrate Autumn" from my Secret Pal to my favorite cupcake store, Stanwood Cupcakes. My favorite cupcake flavor is the Chocolate Meringue. My impatience seemed like a nice backdrop for the picture.
Thank you Secret Pal for thinking of me.

I know Little Mister doesn't read my blog(yet) so here's the latest. 3 sleeps to go & I'll be in Nanaland.
Be back soon.
Nana Sharon

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Applique & Halloween

This is the little applique quilt from Norada that I talked about the other day.  It is 24"x30".  All beautiful hand appliqué.

These are a couple of Halloween panels she did too. They were really fun to quilt.

I used Signature variegated "Orange Glaze"on it. Love how it came out.

Getting ready to put the finishing touches on the "caped crusaders" outfits. Back to 2 quilts a day so Nana can go play. Heading to Nanaland next week for a visit with the Little Misters.

Nana Sharon

Monday, September 17, 2012

Snowman Alphabet & A Hero Quilt

Karen does it again with another great Crabapple Hill pattern. 

I did a different take on snowflakes.

And swirly girled my way around all the lovely embroidery.

I love these quilts. Maybe someday I'll make one for myself.

We had a sew day for American Hero Quilts on Saturday at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop. This quilt was put together by Alanna. She cut the stars out of strip pieced blocks we get from a group that sews at the Snohomish Senior Center. Sadly the need for quilts is not slowing down. AHQ is sending 100 quilts a month to a military hospital in Afghanistan. If you'd like to join us e-mail me & I'll get you on the list.

Gotta run. Quilts are calling. Don't tell Little Mister but I'm going to see him next week. It's his birthday. I've been busy putting the finishing touches on his surprise present.

Be sure & soak up some of this great sunshine we are having. 



Friday, September 14, 2012

Valori Wells Give Away

Head over to Valori Wells blog & check out her latest post & give away. 
Just leave a comment & you could win a bundle of the entire Wrenly's Christmas collection.

It might be your lucky day!

Tomorrow the Stanwood-Camano Hero Quilters will be at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop from 10:30-3:30. Stop by & see us.

Enjoy the sunny weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2012

30's Irish Chain

My friend Diane made this beauty. It will have yo-yo flowers along the vine in the border.

I tried something different in the border.

Had fun with the leaf wreath & small leaf border.

Shoo. Check out my little friends that came out of nowhere!

Always love the backs on these.

Last week I did this mondo king size quilt. I was manipulating some of the extra fabric (happens sometimes) & the hopping foot took a bite out of my finger. Ouch! 

This week Nana is channeling her inner sewing skills & making something special for the Little Mister's 4th (say it isn't so) birthday. Here's a hint.

I have some special quilts this week. A Crabapple Hill Snowman Alphabet & a lovely mini appliqué from one of the Sassy's. Tune in next week for pictures. I might even have a "caped crusader" to show you.

Busy Nana Sharon