Monday, October 25, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hi everyone. It's been along time since Nana let me talk to you. I got a nice haircut on Sunday with Papa. He thinks I look like I'm 4. This is my new face I make whenever anyone wants to take my picture. I'm really enjoying being 2! Can you see what the button on my rocking chair says? "Big Brother" Mama wanted me to wear it, but I was having none of that. Did I mention I like being 2? Oh man, I just might have to think of some new tricks so Nana pays attention to me after that baby gets here in the spring. Hmmmmmm, let's see? So long for now. I think I'm supposed to be in bed.
Little Mister

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stanwood-Camano Hero Quilt Sew Day

So here we are half way through the day. Quilts with bindings on the table & everyone busy, busy. We started out with 25 quilts that needed binding. By the end of the day the bindings were all on (at least one side). Quilts got taken home to finish. Can't wait to see how many we have done by next Sew Day. Which is November 20th at Aunt Mary's. Maybe we'll see you there! Here I am with the finished quilts that got turned in. I think there are 12! I have 7 here at home. Almost time for another delivery! We also took on a special project for this Sew Day. Alanna Stone(sitting on the boxes in black) has a son, Michael, serving with the Army in Afghanistan. We decided to make care packages for them. As we spread the word the support poured out from our community. Discounted fabric from Over The Rainbow got made into pillowcases, several boxes of paperbacks, magazines, toothpaste & toothbrushes, top ramen, & AA batteries are just some of the things we packed into 18 flat rate boxes. Michael will share with his fellow soldiers. Michael if you get a chance to read this, know that we are all so grateful for your service to our country. We can't thank you enough! The other gals in the picture, left to right, are me,Cindy, Judeen & Linda. It was a very productive Sew Day. Thank you to everyone!

Not much else going on here. Waiting for the "big storm" they keep talking about. I see the sun peeking out now. Better get outside for awhile!

Check back later this week. I hear Little Mister may be doing a "guest blog".
17 days & counting!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I've Been Up To

The Senior Snohomish group makes strip pieced blocks for our Hero quilt group. I'm trying to mix it up a little & do different blocks with the. I re-cut them into wonky 9 patches & used Roxanne Carter's pattern for the sashing. It still needs 2 borders.
If you aren't doing anything on Saturday stop by the Senior Center in Stanwood & say HI. We'll be working on American Hero Quilts. These are the last 2 block for my BOM in my Girl's Night Out class with Roxanne Carter. Glad to have them done. Now all I have is the outer border to paper piece. You can kind of see it in the mini picture below the blocks. These are the last 2 Bunny Hill Snowman BOM blocks. They are faceless right now. I promise another photo shoot once they are done. Only 2 months to go! A little beach time tonight. I was so lucky to get this shot. Barely got out of the car, clicked the picture & it was gone. See you again soon!.......................Sharon

Monday, October 11, 2010


Mr S has a thing about numbers. Our anniversary is 2/2/2002(I think he did that so he wouldn't forget) & we share the same birthday 7/7 in different years. He asked me a while back if I'd like to go somewhere on 10/10. Of course I said yes. So off we went on Sunday to have lunch in Winthrop over the North Cascade Highway that runs through the North Cascades National Park.

The Skagit river was very high & wide. It had been raining cats & dogs a few days ago. It seemed we would luck out on this trip & get some decent weather. I spotted this waterfall across the valley & we stopped for a photo op. Not much color on the trees yet. Here's a closer look at the might Skagit. Ah, the first sign of color in Newhalem. Usually our last stop going over the pass. A little color & a waterfall in Newhalem. I wish I had sound here. It was incredible. We ate lunch at the Old Schoolhouse Brewery. They have great burgers & wraps. I had the Fish Taco Wrap. Yummy! Mr S loves his micro brew! We had some of this vine on the fence in Granite. I gets redder as the weather gets colder. On our way back we stopped at the lookout at the top of Washington Pass, elevation 5,477 feet. That's Liberty Bell. Sheer drop off in front of the fence. The switch back coming up the pass from the Winthrop side. Great views! Looking back towards Winthrop from the same lookout. A clear view of Liberty Bell.We stopped at Cascadian Farm for dinner, oops, I mean ice cream. Raspberry chocolate chip was my favorite!

Heading toward home we saw this elk herd at a wildlife viewing area between Rockport & Hamilton. What at treat. Some of them were bugaling. I think I've heard them do that once before when I was in Yellowstone. It was a great day. Hope everyone has a good week. Joanna has tomorrow off so keeping my fingers crossed that I can Skype with Little Mister.

See you again soon!


Yes, I'm Still Quilting

This is a Mary C quilt using Roxanne Carter's Simple Dreams pattern. I used one of the new pantos from Ann Bright, Blooming Feathers, on it. This is a cute batik quilt from Leslie. Bush Berries & Purple Haze variegated thread brought it all together. I have some great pictures from yesterday's trip with Mr S to post later. See you then.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cupcake Crazy

Last night I drove into Stanwood to check out the new cupcake store. They were going to be open from 5-8 p.m. Isn't their logo great? Regular hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10 am - 6 pm. The line was barely out the door when I got there. I was told that earlier it went all the way down the block to the train tracks! How crazy is that? So sorry to whoever you are in the window bending over. There were only a few cupcakes left in the display case by the time I got there. Two lonely mini sample cupcakes were all that was left. The owner said they made 300 cupcakes & they were gone after an hour & a half. Here they are the owners, Cyndy & David Thompson, still smiling after scooping non-stop for a couple of hours. The ice cream they are serving is Cascade Glacier. I had the Denali Moose Tracks, chocolate wonderful! When I left there was no sign of the line letting up. There were a lot of families, which was nice. I didn't get a chance to sample any of the cupcakes. They had at least a half dozen on display to show some of the flavor offerings. Sorry, no picture. You'll just have to take my word on that one. Their promo postcard says "Stanwood Cupcakes will feature 6 daily scrumptious cupcakes & seasonal specials." If you are out & about be sure to stop in & give them a try.

I promise to have some quilt pictures before the weekend is over. Mr S & I are going to Winthrop tomorrow for lunch. I'm hoping to see some fall color & maybe a little of (dare I say it?) snow.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy To You

When I got here on Thursday Little Mister nearly knocked me over at the airport! That's the best greeting this Nana could ask for! On Saturday he & his Dad went to Livermore to an open house at the airport & there was also an air show. Once he saw the ear protectors they were on & not coming off! I think he was saying "cheese" just as I snapped this.
He waited at the window for "Papa" (his Dad) to get ready. When they left Joanna & I made a beeline for the quilt store. It was a good day for everyone!This is a cake decorating book put out by Baker's Coconut from 1959. It was in the cupboard when I cleaned out Dad's house. I remember Mom making some of the cakes in this for us. Does anyone else remember having this book? What kid likes coconut? The designs inside are cute, well at least some of them. Read on.
Obviously these kids were called the "Cut-up kids" for a reason. Check out their arms. A little disturbing if you ask me. Where are their hands? Looks more like chainsaw massacre!
There was a dandy turtle. SIL has a pet turtle & it was one of Andrew's first words. Perfect!
Nothing fancy, just a Happy Birthday turtle for Little Mister.
I think he liked it!
Time is going by way too fast. Tomorrow will be gone before I know it & I'll be on the plane home on Tuesday morning.

I almost forgot. Happy To You is the part of the Happy Birthday song that Andrew sings. I'm trying to get a video. We'll see how that works out. After all, he is 2 now.

See you again soon!.........Nana Sharon