Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Mister Andrew & Life

Little Mister is 6 months old today. Time is really zipping by! I made him the corduroy overalls for Christmas. It has a matching coat that is a bit too big yet. Do you how hard it is to find boy prints on corduroy? I saved a few of my favorite patterns from my garment sewing days. My nephew Gary had a similar outfit from Auntie Sharon. I dare not mention how long ago that was. He's a year older than Joanna if you want to do the math. Out poor little kitty DC got into a scuffle with one of the bully tomcats in the neighborhood a few weeks ago. I can't get her to sit still long enough for a photo, but this sums it up. I don't know the bully cat's name, he is known in the neighborhood as "Shrew Be Gone". He's a good hunter! DC ended up with an abscess, a shaved hind quarter with a 5" long incision! She has been housebound for 3 weeks. Not a good thing for a cat who also loves to hunt!
I better get back to work. It is actually kinda sunny here today. Some places around Tacoma had s......( I just can't bring myself to even write the word) last night. Check out Judy's blog. I helped her add links to her blog on Friday. She has the cutest goat girls eating blackberry bushes in her pasture!
43 days and counting..................................Grandma Sharon

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I feel like one of Santa's elves

I have been b-u-s-y. I've decided it's quilting season around here! The first quilt is Wilma's Stack & Whack. Check out the rest of the pics on my webshots.

Next up is Karen's Night Before Christmas. Meg Hawkey from Crab Apple Hill has the best patterns that combine embroidery & piecing.

Linda also used one of Meg's patterns, Merry Little Christmas, to make this out of this world quilt. She's entering it in the Camano Island Quilter's quilt show. Be sure & stop by on April 10th or 11th & check it out!
Last but not least is Carrol's purse quilt from the latest Buggy Barn book. The cover of the book has dump trucks & a front end loader on it! You'd never suspect a cute purse quilt was hiding inside!
I better go shut my peepers, so I can get the machine fired up early tomorrow. Not that I'm counting, but only 50 days left until I see Little Mister again!
Woo-hoo! I'll be back soon.........................Sharon

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More quilts

I've been practicing my "swirly-girly" thing again. This time Miss Paula's Pumpkin Stack was the one! And below that is Melba's latest quilt for a grandson, just in case you were falling asleep!
Don't forget to check out webshots. I should be done soon!............Sharon

Enough Already & Quilts,Quilts,Quilts

I wish we could get a break from this winter weather. Last night our deck looked like a couple bean bag chairs bit the dust! Our cat, DC, who never misses anything had to go out & check it out! UNCLE to Mother Nature. We want some warm weather!

I have been buzzy busy quilting again. Check out Norada's applique
that is to die for. I hope when I grow up my applique is this beautiful!

The first quilt below is called "Miniature Magic" made by Joyce. She brings me quilts from her "waiting to be quilted stash". The one below is also hers. I just love the 30's prints!

I'm going to do another post.

Stay tuned.....Sharon