Friday, November 26, 2010

Silver Friday

A fellow long arm blog friend, Pam, asked me to play the color game this week. So here goes on all things silver.
The obvious silverware. Yes, those are crumbs. Note to self, wash the tray this weekend. Great grandma's tarnished silver. Wooden box, velvet lining. Reminds me of special holiday meals with her. My snow covered ride. Thread & a favorite applique jelly pen. A few of the items in my sewing room. Favorite scissors.Check out the the zipper bag behind the magnetic pin dish. That's for "cat proofing" the pins. Little darlings like to play with my pins & spread them allover the house1 My badge lanyard from when I worked at the big "B". Mr S thought this silver etched tray was a pizza pan. Imagine my surprise when he took it out of the oven! Lots of silver picture frames. Dad with my first cat Lucky. Joanna & Sam. And my special Little Mister. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was this little? Here's a link to Pam's blog. Here's a link to the blog that started colourful Fridays.

All I have to say today is Hooray! The snow is gone!
See you again soon.................Sharon

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This & That

Here are Bella & Puma in the snow for the first time. They are inside cats, so this was quite an adventure for them. I started this table topper when Joanna & I went to The Granary for Friday Night Sew. It is the center of a table runner pattern. CIQ has a Christmas luncheon every year & you can make a small quilted item to exchange. It is now quilted & ready to go. I also cut out & sewed the rows together for one of the Twister projects. I am going to make a the cover quilt & teach a class at Aunt Mary's.Cathy Mathis taught a class through CIQ for these lovely Folk Art snowflakes. A new sewing experience for me & very fun to make. Especially adding button from Great Grandma's button box. I forgot I had taken this. It's the Golden Gate Bridge (squint & you might see it) & Alcatraz as I was leaving from Oakland. Hope everyone has a very nice Thanksgiving. We are packing up dinner & going into Dad's. Our driveway is too sloped & icy to try & have him here. Keeping my fingers crossed that Friday will be a little warmer so I can deliver some quilts.
See you again soon........................Sharon

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sun & Fun

I forgot to take my camera on Friday to The Granary, sorry no pictures of the fun from the quilt shop. Here's Little Mister in the pants I made for him. In case you were wondering, that's a kaleidoscope in his pocket. He struck several "poses" for me(mostly blurry because he's always moving) before I go this one. Frog boots go with everything, don't you think?
Saturday Joanna & I went to Niles, by ourselves. What a treat! The weather was incredible, 75 degrees & sunny!We went to Tyme For Tea & had the traditional tea lunch.
Pumpkin scones.Lovely sandwiches & a little dessert. She's still feeling a little puny, but really wanted to get out & do something. Can't think of a better way to spend my day!Today it was off to the Farmer's Market in Fremont. Piles of persimmons.The biggest pomegranates I've ever seen.Mounds of peppers & humongo cabbages!
These eggplants got grilled with some tomatoes & were made into the best grilled sandwiches for our lunch.We have to go to the crepe place. Little Mister striking his famous "cheese" pose waiting with Nana.The strawberry nutella crepe. Delicious!Can you tell that he liked it?I'll try & add some links when I get home . Tomorrow I spend the day with Little Mister while everyone else is at work. Yippee! Soaking up as much sun as I can before heading home early Tuesday. Time goes by so fast when I'm here.

I have actually done some quilting while I've been here. I'll be sure & post pictures after I get home. Until next time................Nana Sharon

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Call Me Crazy

So here I am less than an hour from heading out to catch the Airporter & I'm posting to my blog. It has been awhile since I posted last. Busy quilting like crazy! This Christmas cross quilt was made by Diane. In fact I think this is her 3rd. I tried out a new "snowflake" on the border.
Sue did this Alaska quilt with Alaska themed fabric & Lisa Moore's pattern. I know I have this pattern somewhere. Guess I better get looking! Sue's border. Roxanne designed another beautiful quilt. She wanted simple quilting. Allover in the middle, separate borders. It was a fun one to quilt.
Still have a couple things to do before I'm off to Nanaland. Joanna & I will be going to The Granary tomorrow night for Friday Night Sew. I'll take some pictures of the shop & the "gang" while I'm there.
See you again soon! Nana Sharon

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I've Been Sewing

I took a class back in July from Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill at the Quiltmaker's Shoppe. I finally finished the purse using leftover strips from an April Cornell line. Did all the quilting on my domestic machine. Easier than loading something so small on the long arm! New corduroy pants for Little Mister with big pockets for "stuff". A friend had them all cut out in her "collection". Thanks Diane for passing them along. This is future sewing. Joanna wants a "sassy" winter coat. I think I can "make it work". Taking the patterns with me & hopefully will find some great fabric! A quick shout out & Thank You! to my Secret Pal who surprised me with this last week. A gift certificate to Stanwood Cupcakes! Yum! Last night I went to the beach & saw these. Hmmmm, what were red roses doing at the beach? Then I saw some of these. Some of them said "I love you Mom" & "Goodbye Shirley".
Wherever "Shirley's" family is, your wishes landed on one of the prettiest places I know. The next pictures are what I saw after I found the balloons & roses.
Always a great way to end my day at the beach & sometimes full of surprises.

I Hear That Buzzing Again

It's countdown time again. Time for some serious, double time quilting! this is Miss Jennifer's Blooming 9-patch. Love the colors! This is part of a little Mariner's Compass from Christine. Joy's quilt for her daughter. First time she's ever had anything quilted.
Jonne's sweet flannel quilt for #4 grandson. Also Jonne's, I think for her DD's MIL. Cutest panel I've seen in Christmas this year. Colleen's Night Before Christmas. You can't go wrong with one of Crabapple Hill's designs. I even quilted something for myself this past week. I'll show you later today.
6 days to go until I see Little Mister again. Woohoo! Nana Sharon