Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Week's Quilt News

Seems I was a slacker last week & didn't do a post. Hmmmm, it was pretty crazy around here. The wind storm on Wednesday had me wishing it was summer. A couple big gusts & a big limb came down like a rocket on the roof shaking the whole house! Several came down on the neighbor's deck at the same time. They were lucky & had little damage. Us, not so lucky. We had a small hole & are lucky that the neighbor is a handy guy & fixed it for us. Whew! Still working on the final clean up today.

I taught the Twister class at Aunt Mary's on the 26th. Fun day. You remember my post about the quilt here.
It's a really fun quilt to make. Check out the book & ruler.
I also made a sample that I will use in a Hero Quilt.
Diane & Sherry sewing away.
Kim & Jennifer teamed up & finished their top(except for the borders)!
I also quilted the Tri-County Shop Hop quilt for Fabric's Plus in Anacortes. Here's a sneak peek. I'll post more pictures once the hop starts later this month.
Here's my Dad story of the week! What would you do if you were 80 years old, used a walker & it was snowing outside & you lived at an assisted living facility? You would go to maintenance, ask for a snow shovel & they would give you one. Then you would go shovel the sidewalks! I have to admitt that I laughed when the staff told me about this latest "adventure". He's always been a busy person. Likes to putter around outside. I know he was just trying to stay busy. I'm not quite sure how he managed the walker & the shovel. He was probably "Mr Smarty Pants" & abandoned the walker to shovel! Never a dull moment!

Snowman update from my last post. The first words out of Little Mister's mouth when he saw the snowman picture-"Where's the snowman's hat?" Note to self, next time put a hat on the snowman Nana!

My trip to CA is going to be a whirlwind. Baby shower with Joanna's
co-workers on Thursday. Finish It Friday at The Granary. Best of all spending time with Joanna & her family(especially Little Mister).
Quilts are calling!
3 days & counting.............Nana Sharon

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Jenny said...

That looked like fun! I missed out on that one!