Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Noel by Vintage Spools

Have you seen this Block of the Month from Vintage Spools? It's very nice & the grays & pinks make it a one of a kind holiday quilt.

Carrol over at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop had me quilt her's. Fun, fun, fun! She'll have kits available at the QA Quit Showthis weekend in Monroe. It's a great show & there's always lots of fun vendors.

Here's a peek at a few of the blocks. Find Aunt Mary's booth to see the whole quilt & kit.

Wish me luck today at the airport. The metal riveted buttons on by jean back pockets made them think I was suspicious passenger! (Not using the "T" word, you never know when "big brother is watching!) They had to pat down my hiney & wipe my hands with the explosive detecter things. I hate those TSA idiots!

My CA alarm clock (Little Mister) gets up by 6 every morning, so this Nana is tired. I will be back in Nanaland on May 11th & hopefully Little Mister's brother will be here soon after. He's helping me right now or not. Peeling off all the post its & drawing on them! Oops!

See you again soon. I have more quilts picks to share.
Nana Sharon

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