Sunday, January 16, 2011

January Quilts & Twister

Where does the time go? This first quilt was made by Diane. A group of us played "strip poker" using 2 1/2" strips of fabric as our "chips". Fun time & lots of happy memories in all of the fabrics we swapped!
Pat made this little beauty as a baby shower gift & loved it so much  I think a future grandchild will be getting it!

 California Janice whipped up this Bear Paw for their cabin. Love all the colors in the batiks. Especially the border. I 'm getting to know a new camera, so bear with me while I am on the learning side of this.

 Who doesn't love Minky for the back of a quilt? I tried a new "flower collage" on the Twister quilt & had a lot of fun! I have to really concentrate to keep the scale consistent. I kept telling myself "go big".

 Here's a couple pictures of the top.

 And finally the whole quilt. I'll be teaching the class at Aunt Mary's Quilt shop on February. You can get the scoop here. I always make something chocolate for a treat! Next week is Aunt Mary's 10 year anniversary. Lots of great daily sales & cake on Saturday!
I am going to attempt to make a little slide show to post later. Wish me luck. It has to do with the beach on Friday!
See you soon! Sharon

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Jenny said...

Looks like you've been busy! I really like your swirls! Hope to see you soon!