Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunset at Camano Island State Park

Look who was waiting for me? Another fine abode! Can you see the moon? The tide was out enough to see the kelp bed. Almost. The Olympics were looking good! I stopped on my way out of the park to see if there was going to be anymore "color". And then, in an instant, it was there. I pulled over (not quite off the road) to get this shot. Right about now a BMW honked(rude) & sped by. Hey buddy, stop & enjoy the view! And then this happened. I really doesn't get better than this. A nice way to end my day. Hope you haven't gotten tired of the mini tours. I really see a quilt in these latest pictures. Someday! I think I'll try & get back later with pictures of yesterday's Sassy get together. Tomorrow is Hero Quilt Sew Day at Aunt Mary's. Stop by & see what we are doing!
Until next time...................Sharon

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Judy said...

Beautiful photos Sharon! Just beautiful!! Aren't we lucky to live in WA.