Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off The Roller Coaster

Last night I decided I've been on the roller coaster way too long & got off. It was a lovely evening & the beach was calling. High tide, flat calm waters & Mt Rainier in the distance. I went to take another picture after this & the camera said "change batteries". How rude! Sorry, no orange orb sunset pictures for you this time. I did find this picture from last month. It was taken from our deck, on the east side of the house, facing north. It was one of those rare nights when the whole sky was pink at sunset. I somehow kept missing these pictures when I was posting. Quilts using these big prints are often challenging to quilt. Challenges are good! California Kathy is the quilt piecer.

Did you go to the Sister's Quilt Show this year? If not The Granary has lovely pictures on their Facebook page. Also Valori Wells put a link to the Nugget News, Sister's newspaper. They have a nice video if you have a few minutes.
Quilts are calling. I'll try the beach again tonight. Stay tuned!.......Sharon

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Rosemary Crawford said...

Hi Sharon,
Yes, I love blogging!

Your scenery pictures are great. The quilts are gorgeous!