Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We got ready early to head out for the parade at Utsalady. Little Mister is all decked out. First stop is the Utsalady Ladies Aid building for their big bake sale. We looked at tables of cookies. And special cupcake treats. We ended up with cinnamon rolls. Sorry, no pic. They were really good! Then we went to find a spot to stand & saw these 2 guys. The big green bucket is for their crab shells. It's hard to see, but the empty chair to the left has a freshly cooked crab on it. Crab season opened here on July 1 & everyone is getting their fill!We settled on a spot across the street. Little Mister is striking his best pose(he's saying "cheese" in case you couldn't tell).
The start of the parade. Little Mister waving the red,white & blue. His Papa has that funny look on his face because,you know who, kept poking him with the flag handle. Everyone gets into the parade. This little Shetland pony & rider were very cute. Hey, here's our neighbors, Samantha, Mom Tracey(you notice what she gets to do) & Peeps. Everyone dresses up! These boys were great! And before you know it, the end. Love that fancy painter's tape holding the "official' sign. This was a big thrill to see. One of the local residents has connections with the big wigs at NAS Whidbey & every year arranges for a "fly over" from the base. This year it was a Coast Guard rescue helicopter. They did several low(very low) fly overs with the guys hanging out the side door waving to everyone. Lots of flag waving & cheering from a very appreciative crowd. Hope you had a 4th filled with family & friends celebrating our great country. See you again soon. Nana Sharon

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