Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wedding & A Sampler Quilt

It's been like "Flight of the bumble bee" here lately. Custom & more custom. This first quilt is a wedding gift for Marlae's son. All soft natural colors, very nice. Gotta love leaves to keep it neutral!
Kim got her 2009 Sampler from GNO with Roxanne Carter done. The sampler is an "extra" in addition to the monthly pattern at GNO. Way to go Kim!

I must not be awake yet. I should have loaded this picture first. It's always fun to see everyone's color choices. These are great. Heading out to lunch with Mr S soon. Suzy's Place on Camano. Hoping to get a Skype in today with Little Mister. I haven't seen him since Monday.
Hope you are all having a nice weekend. Cool & sunny here. I think we will go the the beach later. I keep hearing about the mother & baby whale. Maybe today I'll get lucky!
18 days & counting................................Nana Sharon

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