Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lovely Weather

Wasn't yesterday beautiful? I couldn't resist a walk on the beach at the State Park. I put the pictures on in opposite order. Oops! The first one is just after the sun went down.
These are the little waves the tugboat in the next picture made. If you squint I think you can see the tugboat. That's Whidbey Island in the background.
Our neighbor called this morning to say they saw at least 2 coyotes this morning on the road in front of the house next door to us. Yikes! We hear them all the time. I didn't think they'd come that close. They must be hungry. I guess we'll be keeping our cat DC in more. She won't be happy. Better that than someones breakfast!
Quilt pictures coming soon. Waiting to deliver.
Getting closer to Nanaland. 13 days & counting...................Nana Sharon

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