Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time Flies & The Tornados

Hard to believe that it's Wednesday already! It didn't take Little Mister long to hop on Nana's lap to show me the helicopter. This dog has a very obnoxious laugh & rolls around on the floor. Or it can spin around in the air if you hold the tail! We went from Niles to Sunol on the Christmas Train. We saw some deer on the way to Sunol. I have more pictures I'll post when I get home of this trip. We sat in an open car on the way there. We went inside for the trip back. He looks so innocent here! I think this was right before he did his best "wet noodle" imitation! The weather has been wild. High wind advisory yesterday & last night. Also some "surf's up" rain. Just like home for us, not so much for the locals.

Our neighbor is watching the cats. She referred to them as "The Two Tornado's" in an e-mail update. Apparently they were streaking through the house with a sock & wouldn't give it up for anything. I'm almost afraid if what I'll find when I get home! Little devils!

Having the time of my life! See you when I get home!
Nana Sharon

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