Friday, December 3, 2010

2 Lucky Grandsons

How lucky are Grandson's today to have Quilting Diva Grandma's? LUCKY! Jean designed this first quilt for her grandson. He saw Mariner's Compass quilt & knew he wanted one. Closeup of the quilting in the compass points. Quilting in all of the background squares. All of these blocks are 1 1/2" strips that are made into these fab strata blocks. Check out the first picture to get the full effect. Mary C has a 9 year old grandson who will be getting this quilt. I think it's a Judy Neimyer pattern. Love all the lime greens! It's been a wild week here. Dad broke his hand. After 3 trips to the doctor it's in a cast & (cross your fingers) healing. I'll post later today on Friday's color TEAL.
See you then....................Sharon

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