Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Done

Betz makes a quilt for each of her kids when they turn 50. This is for the son who went to West Point. Her own design! That's her peaking out from behind the quilt.

Mary made an angel quilt for a friend who lost some very special people in her life this past year. She wanted simple allover quilting so I came up with ribbon that I was able to go in & out of the embroidery blocks. Sorry, I accidentally deleted the picture of the next quilt. You can see how I followed the pattern of the fabric to quilt the border. I'll add the quilt to my next post.

Have to check on Little Mister later. He was being very "2" yesterday afternoon & almost ended out on the street holding a "free" sign.
I'm on the home stretch with the quilting. Taking a couple hours for myself today for a pedicure & lunch with a friend.
3 days & counting.......................Nana Sharon

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