Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Check out our Christmas tree. Notice anything unusual? No ornaments on the lower half. See little miss innocent, Bella, next to the tree? She & her brother Puma, our fun(most of the time) 6 month old cats have reminded me what it's like to have a 2 year old in the house. Even the upper ornaments aren't safe from this tree climbing duo. Life would be boring without them. Check out the tree skirt too. Never know where I'm going to find it. Lucky if it's still under the tree when we get up in the morning! I have lots of quilt pictures to post later. It's been busy here. Took Dad to the Dr this past week to hear that his hand is healing well, but needs to be in the cast 2 more weeks. Not what he wanted to hear. Had a BIG turnout for Hero Quilting yesterday. Hoping to get a picture or 2 from Judeen to show you.

Loving the sunshine today. Hope you are having a peaceful day too.
This Nana is on the countdown! 6 days & counting......................Nana Sharon


Jenny said...

That's funny. I've had a few broken ornaments from my lame dog who loves to run into the tree on his way to bark at the window!

Pam said...

your kitties are very naughty Sharon!!! Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!!