Friday, November 26, 2010

Silver Friday

A fellow long arm blog friend, Pam, asked me to play the color game this week. So here goes on all things silver.
The obvious silverware. Yes, those are crumbs. Note to self, wash the tray this weekend. Great grandma's tarnished silver. Wooden box, velvet lining. Reminds me of special holiday meals with her. My snow covered ride. Thread & a favorite applique jelly pen. A few of the items in my sewing room. Favorite scissors.Check out the the zipper bag behind the magnetic pin dish. That's for "cat proofing" the pins. Little darlings like to play with my pins & spread them allover the house1 My badge lanyard from when I worked at the big "B". Mr S thought this silver etched tray was a pizza pan. Imagine my surprise when he took it out of the oven! Lots of silver picture frames. Dad with my first cat Lucky. Joanna & Sam. And my special Little Mister. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was this little? Here's a link to Pam's blog. Here's a link to the blog that started colourful Fridays.

All I have to say today is Hooray! The snow is gone!
See you again soon.................Sharon


Bev C said...

Hello Sharon,

Thanks for joining in Colourful Friday. I just love your husband's pizza plate!!! Glad the snow has gone for you.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy days.

Karen said...

Hi Sharon.
You have a lovely collection of silver photos. Love the cutlery shots, especially those from great grandma. Wonderful memories.
Great collection of silver sewing goodies.
It's a delight to see the photo frames and lovely to see family members.
Have a silvery time!

Pam said...

so much fun right? love your silver, so glad you came to play.

Jenny said...

Fun...Fun...I'll have to join in soon on the colorful Friday's!

Lois said...

Great, fun photos. Love the pizza pan post. I am still laughing. Thank you for sharing. Love Lois

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your silver treasures. One in the oven, my oh my what a hoot :)