Thursday, September 2, 2010

My New Alarm Clock

Here are the latest additions to our family. Every morning around 6 the racing begins. Thumping, running & jumping on the bed & all over the house. Bella(on the left) & Puma. Bella is a very sweet little girl who loves to be held. Puma's not quite sure about being picked up, but he's getting better about it. Mr S picked out their names. Actually it took a couple of days to come up with a boy name I liked.
About 3 weeks ago we lost our darling DC. As Mr S says "The rodents in the neighborhood are celebrating." It was just too quiet & sad not having her around so off to CASA we went. The reader board said 13 kittens. It was our lucky day. The "kitten room" was a blur of activity & color. We picked out our 2, filled out the 3 page adoption application & they were ours.

They look really innocent in this picture. Not always the case. As you can see in this picture. The bathroom door is always shut now. I got tired of cleaning dirty paw prints off of the sink & counter! This is an innocent picture. So sweet when they are sleeping. I look forward to their nap time. The best is sleeping on Mr S & his quilt in the recliner!
So far they have turned the computer off twice by stepping on the surge protector , stepped on the pedal of my sewing machine making it sew(thankfully nothing under the pressure foot), scaled the sliding door screen to the top, & basically the whole house should be renamed "Szekely Speedway" for all the "racing " that goes on.
If you need a new pet be sure & check out your local animal shelter. There are lots of animals waiting for a good home.
Continuing my countdown, 27 days til Nanaland!
See you again soon. Lots of quilts this week..................Nana Sharon

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Linda said...

AWWW...they both look adorable. And yes pets are that way, waking you up and doing silly things all day long. Enjoy!