Sunday, September 19, 2010

Food Fun & Friends

Friday Jenny & Pam came down to Innovations. (I'll do a separate post for quilt pictures & a special video!) They are two of my very talented quilting friends. After we had looked at quilts it was time to eat. I had take out from a great Thai restaurant on Thursday & we decided to go there. Indocine is in downtown Tacoma right across from Union Station. Everything about Indocine is wonderful. You have to go! The food has just arrived & we realize that we are going to be taking lots of food home! These are the Honey Glazed Walnut Prawns. One of their house specialties. Pam ordered Spicy Siamese Noodles. You can order your spice level preference, so don't be afraid! Jenny had a delicious Green Chicken Curry. On the way there we passed this. hello, cupcake Isn't this bike cute? Of course every cupcake store has a cute cupcake girl! Trying to decide which ones to get. Luckily they had little take out boxes. On the way back we had to get our batting. It's a whole post of it's own. I'll try & get at it soon!
Thank you ladies for the fun day! Being gone made the time go faster. Only 11 days to go!
Nana Sharon

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Jenny said...

O.K. that was awesome!! That was a fun day! I was telling Jared about the batting drop, now I have proof!