Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Every Quilt Has A Story

We all know that every quilt has a story. This 9 patch memory quilt was pieced by Virginia. I got a call in August from her daughter asking if I could have it quilted by Sept. 16th. I would need to bind it and also make a label. My schedule had room , so I said yes.

Many of you know that when someone says the quilt top is made out of clothing scraps that some of us might be running straight for the bottle of Zanex. I waited patiently for the top to arrive & was pleasantly surprised! It was such beautiful piecing. All seams neatly pressed open, corners matched, no "mountains" in the middle of the quilt! It was my lucky day.

Virginia was a seamstress who made clothes for her daughters. They were living in Hawaii at the time she pieced this. Her husband was in Korea serving in the military. Her daughter, Katie, has pictures of herself in the dresses made from the fabrics that are in the quilt. While I was quilting this it was like a trip down memory lane. I saw fabrics like Kettle Cloth & Trigger mixed in with the bold florals.

Tomorrow is Virginia's 88th birthday. She's has had a lot of changes in her life this past year. A husband who is now living in an Alzheimer's facility & she in Assisted Living. Not easy as some of us know. So tomorrow I'll be thinking of Virginia & her memory quilt & hope that the quilt brings her the love & comfort she deserves on her special day.

I'm sorry the label is so bright. The camera & I are just not getting along these days.
It's off to Innovations for me this afternoon. I'm happy to get off of the roller coaster for a couple of days & have some "me" time. Don't worry I'll give a full report with pictures of the quilts when I get back. I have Hero Quilts on Saturday , so be patient. That "super woman" cape of mine is getting a little tattered.
Little Mister's new name is Houdini, more on that later too!
15 days & counting..................Nana Sharon


Pam said...

Stories behind yhe quilt is my favorite part of my quilting business....thanks for sharing Sharon...see you on Friday!

Aunt Mary said...

What a great story! If all quilt could speak, we would all be amazed!