Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tears of Joy & A Thank You

Wondering where I've been? Hum the "Flight of the Bumble Bee" song, that's what I've been up to! This beautiful applique quilt belongs to Barb. She made it as a wedding gift for a very lucky granddaughter. I got a call from her yesterday. She loved the quilt so much it made her cry. I've never had that happen before & was sorry I couldn't give her a hug. Thank you Barb for doing such beautiful work that inspires me to do what I love!
She talked about feathers in this space. I'm better at leaves, so a leaf wreath seemed perfect. The borders are sometimes a challenge for me. I think I need a pedicure. She found the pattern in this book from 1988! Got a chuckle when I read who the publisher was. I also has this come in the mail last week. I saw the frowny face & wondered what that was all about. The message inside was "Rain , Rain go away. Better go to a movie!" I can do that. Thank you Secret Pal for the nice surprise! Hmmm, a self made card. Who could it be? I still have a couple quilts to wrap up before take off tomorrow to Nanaland. It's hard to believe our Little Mister is 2 already. I'll be sure & post while I'm there.
Nana Sharon


Jenny said...

That turned out so pretty! Good job!!

Pam said...

Beautiful Sharon!!! Have fun in Nanaland...