Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monet's Reflections

This is the second quilt that I made for the next 2 for 1 class at Aunt Mary's. You sew strip sets and get 2 different "block" pieces from each strip. One makes the Monet's Garden quilt(see previous post) and this quit, Monet's Reflections. This one takes a design wall for layout, but well worth the end result. The wiggly waves seemed perfect for the water look. Check out Aunt Mary's website for class date & time.
I'm adding some new favorite places, blogs & websites. The stitchery gals from down under are very talented. If I only had enough time to do the stitching! And also some state fair winning recipes for brownies that just make my mouth water looking at the picture. I'm going to try and a "counter" at the bottom of the blog and I found some good "link groups" to add! We'll see how this low tech almost Grandma fares. If you see blue smoke on the horizon, you'll know it's not going well! Stay tuned...........Sharon

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