Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MIranda Done!

Here's the Miranda Bag I finished last week. The pattern is by Lazy Girl Designs. Check out the Lazy Talk Blog for the latest and greatest on bags, quilts and whatever.

Joanna & I have been very busy quilting. I'll try and get a "group" picture and post later today of all our projects so far. I finally started my Truly Scrumptious stitcheries from the very talented Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches. I need pick up-put down handwork while I'm here. This whimsical set of ladies caught my eye and will be perfect in a quilt!

Yesterday while we were out for "retail therapy" I had an "only in California" experience. I was shipping my Gardening with Angels quilt to Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore. The clerk asked me if Alden Lane was one word? I said it was 2. Not realizing until she said "then the last name is "nursery" did I finally figure out that she thought Alden Lane Nursery was a person's name!!!!!!! On top of that it was almost 80 degrees inside this store, Joanna had to hand me a tissue because the "I'm over 50 & never get cold sweat" was running down my temple! It took the clerk another 15 minutes to put the quilt in box ,tape it shut & put the label on! Joanna & I dared not look at each other or the laughter would never stop! Finally out the door Joanna says " I think that calls for a stop at Dairy Queen on the way home. I said I could use a drink! Does Dairy Queen serves margaritas? Ahh, another day in sunny California!

"Little Mister" is not being very co-operative! Still having some contractions, not sleeping well(practicing for when her gets here) and well you know. A week of this is getting old and this almost Grandma only has until the end of next week! We are going to the Dr later today. I'll post the update with the "group picture" later today!

Not counting the days anymore..................Almost Grandma Sharon

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