Monday, December 31, 2012

A Sunny Weekend

Mr S & I decided to go to Ocean Shores for a couple days. A little get away from the crumby weather. I was really hoping to see the snowy owls I kept hearing about. Man, did we hit the jackpot.

Bambi & friends were outside our hotel window the first morning. Actually the experienced seagulls came out of nowhere once people started throwing stuff out their windows for them to eat. Most caught it mid-air. Hmmmm.

I love to watch these little birds scurrying along the shore avoiding the waves as they come up on the sand. 

Who doesn't like seeing an eagle? I never get tired of seeing them patiently waiting for lunch. Check out the other sign. Do you think it gets a little windy here?

View of the ocean from Seabrook

A little on the high end for this Nana. But oh so nice to dream. You can even order your groceries ahead of time & they will be waiting for you. Cha-Ching!

Sunday morning. Love a pink sky.

 Damon Pt used to be a state park. I heard this is where your best chance to see the owls would be. Kite fliers & the southern tip of Ocean Shores.

Lots of clam shells along the way. Yes, that's my shadow. Sunshine, ahhhh.

Surfer dude waiting for the perfect wave. Brrr, too cold for me.

And then we spot them up in the trees. Feeling pretty lucky. Lots of people heading out with their tripods trying to get a closer look.

Then one of them flew & landed on a log not far from where I was standing. My lucky day.

On the way back surfer dude rides a ware. You have to be really dedicated to get in the water this time of year.

That's a wrap for 2012. A year of finding me & vowing to continue peace by piece. 
May 2013 be a year of thankfulness & filled with joy. 

Back soon with more quilting.

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