Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Quilts To Quilt

Here's a quilt from last week. Della's squares. I used Hibiscus on this one. 

The grey sky lately has not been good for picture taking. This is Mary C's sampler from Roxanne Carter's BOM, a bonus when you go to GNO.

Lots of loops, leaves & curls. I had a lot of fun quilting this one.

I did a new(to me) border design from Jamie Wallen's Mystical Grids book. Check it out, Free Shipping! I took a class from Jamie at MQX & got my creative juices flowing again!

Everything is in high gear here. Quilting like crazy & it's all good. Heading to CA for a long weekend to see Joanna & family. Gotta get my Nana fix. Little Mister keeps asking how he's going to get to my house. His last idea was to call a taxi to take him to the airport! He's a thinker that one.

Better get hopping. I'll have more quilt & Nanaland pictures soon.

1 comment:

Pam said...

looks good sharon...u are a busy girl!! have fun in nanaland xoxo

maybe you should come to lovers package w me sometime lol