Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regular Program

Dad(on the right) & Bob have turned a neglected courtyard at Josephine into a garden. The local newspaper wrote about them here. Cleaning up flower beds, planting strawberries, herbs & veggies. There's even a little greenhouse they start the seeds in! Dad asked me to help him pick the beans, he can't reach the low ones.
I should have taken a picture of the 15# bag I picked. Here they are after Mr S helped me trim & cut them.
I had to dust off this.
Buy some of these.
I ended up with 22 pints of frozen green beans.
Not exactly what I had planned to do last week. I need to be thankful that somewhere in that forgetful brain is still the hard working busy Dad of long ago. Just don't give him the hedge trimmer.

I'll be thankful this winter when I'm eating tasty beans!

Stay tuned for more quilt pictures coming soon.
Missing my Little Misters..................Nana Sharon

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