Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Mister Checking In

Guess what today is? It's my birthday! Nana can't believe I'm 3 already. Joanna, oops I mean Mama made me this Ernie shirt. I really like it.
This is what I do when Nana tells me to put on my "Happy Face".
Joanna(why does everyone call her that?)Mama made cupcakes & cake pops for my party. That's my friend Dane watching me blow out the candles.
I keep asking Nana is she has a ticket yet so she can come see me. I hope she gets one soon. I like doing things my way now that I'm 3. Maybe you can remind everyone that "I am the boss". It doesn't seem to work when I say it.

Nana was too busy quilting to talk today. She'll be back soon.

Little Mister Andrew

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Cindy said...

What a rascal. You know how pushy those born on Sept. 29 can be.