Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sun & Fun

I forgot to take my camera on Friday to The Granary, sorry no pictures of the fun from the quilt shop. Here's Little Mister in the pants I made for him. In case you were wondering, that's a kaleidoscope in his pocket. He struck several "poses" for me(mostly blurry because he's always moving) before I go this one. Frog boots go with everything, don't you think?
Saturday Joanna & I went to Niles, by ourselves. What a treat! The weather was incredible, 75 degrees & sunny!We went to Tyme For Tea & had the traditional tea lunch.
Pumpkin scones.Lovely sandwiches & a little dessert. She's still feeling a little puny, but really wanted to get out & do something. Can't think of a better way to spend my day!Today it was off to the Farmer's Market in Fremont. Piles of persimmons.The biggest pomegranates I've ever seen.Mounds of peppers & humongo cabbages!
These eggplants got grilled with some tomatoes & were made into the best grilled sandwiches for our lunch.We have to go to the crepe place. Little Mister striking his famous "cheese" pose waiting with Nana.The strawberry nutella crepe. Delicious!Can you tell that he liked it?I'll try & add some links when I get home . Tomorrow I spend the day with Little Mister while everyone else is at work. Yippee! Soaking up as much sun as I can before heading home early Tuesday. Time goes by so fast when I'm here.

I have actually done some quilting while I've been here. I'll be sure & post pictures after I get home. Until next time................Nana Sharon

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Pam said...

Hello Miss Sharon...won't you come and play with me? Next weeks color is silver....