Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I've Been Sewing

I took a class back in July from Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill at the Quiltmaker's Shoppe. I finally finished the purse using leftover strips from an April Cornell line. Did all the quilting on my domestic machine. Easier than loading something so small on the long arm! New corduroy pants for Little Mister with big pockets for "stuff". A friend had them all cut out in her "collection". Thanks Diane for passing them along. This is future sewing. Joanna wants a "sassy" winter coat. I think I can "make it work". Taking the patterns with me & hopefully will find some great fabric! A quick shout out & Thank You! to my Secret Pal who surprised me with this last week. A gift certificate to Stanwood Cupcakes! Yum! Last night I went to the beach & saw these. Hmmmm, what were red roses doing at the beach? Then I saw some of these. Some of them said "I love you Mom" & "Goodbye Shirley".
Wherever "Shirley's" family is, your wishes landed on one of the prettiest places I know. The next pictures are what I saw after I found the balloons & roses.
Always a great way to end my day at the beach & sometimes full of surprises.

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