Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is a quick one

Check out Sue Daley's blog for a chance to win one of her great patterns. It is called "Field of Flowers" & has applique & stitchery. All you have to do is leave a comment! In her words, "A quick give away is a good give away".

Okay here's a Dad story. Yesterday he asked me if I had any matches. I'm thinking, he lives in an assisted living apartment why does he need matches? Hmmmmm. Me-"What do you need those for?" Dad-"There's some cardboard out back I want to burn." Me-"Why don't you ask someone here if they have any matches & if they want you to be burning they can give you some?" I knew darn good & well why he wanted matches. When he went on an outing to the Dollar Store & came home with some incense! That's what he wants to light on fire! Now why is someone with asthma & emphysema thinking they need to burn incense in their room? I do not have the answer & hopefully never will!

Every day is an adventure, sometimes I'm not into the Adventure!

42 days until I'm in Grandmaland, but who's counting?...........Sharon

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