Friday, October 3, 2008

Only in California

So, while I was at Joanna's several things happened that either made us laugh or look at each other and say "Are you kidding?"

First at Trader Joe's as were leaving the produce area I hear a funny noise and a 3 year old no-neck-monster-ankle-biter zings at us on his razor scooter!!! I said something, maybe a swear word(oops)thought "what the heck?". Continuing with our shopping around another aisle we start to hear barking. We are in Fremont, not Beverly Hills, so I know it's not Paris Hilton & her side kick! We both look around and there is little Fifi(made up name) in a crate in some woman's shopping cart! After a store employee confirms that the dog is not a service dog, out to the car her goes! Then a couple days later at Safeway someone who loved their dog had their beloved Jack Russel in the child's seat.

On the freeway on our way to the airport there's a merging mini van with the driver's door open!!!! Again, we look at each other like "Are you kidding?" As a driver if I was having a problem with the door I'd at least pull over. Lucky he had his seat belt on!

My trips are usually not this interesting. Somehow this trip was different! Just when you think you've seen everything..........Sharon

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