Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Now this is the life! I had the privilege of going to the first pediatrician appointment with Joanna & Andrew. He weighed in at 7#12oz. A gain of 1#9oz in 13 days. Can we say our boy loves to eat? My days(& nights) are filled with lots of snuggling, rocking, & assisting with "haz mat" cleanup! Andrew is not fussy. We only hear from him when he wants to eat.

I've been cooking trying to put food in the freezer. Joanna joined a support group for new Moms online. One of the benefits is someone brings you dinner 2 times a week for 3 weeks! What a bonus! Wish that had been around when I had her! As a member you just have to take a turn making a meal for someone else!

Yesterday we put him in the Moby Wrap and went for a walk. It took 2 of us to figure out the "this way, that way,over,under" sequence to get it on Joanna right and Andrew "loaded" in for the walk. Can't wait until he's big enough for the Baby Bjorn! Much easier! At the rate he's growing it will be next week!

I brought 3 customer quilts with me to deliver. Yesterday I braved rush hour traffic to deliver the first 2(by myself). 3 freeways later & I was at the quilt shop. I have turned into such a hermit! At home it's a good day when my car doesn't leave the driveway!

Better get busy. I'm trying to do a little sewing while I'm here!

A very happy.............Grandma Sharon

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