Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quilt of the Weekend

It's been "no weekends off" since I got back for California. Quilting, I just got back from Innovations in Tacoma & more quilting. Took 3 classes this year, Hooked on Feathers with Sally Terry, Pam Clarke's Easy Elegant Borders & Grace Anderson's Vines Twines & Twisty Designs. I love learning new techniques! I will definitely have to PPP(practice, practice, practice) in my sketch book while I'm gone.

The quilt today is an applique quilt that were friendship blocks done by members of Camano Island Quilters. Bunny,the piecer is 83! I tried a new background filler in the blocks & my feather's with tendrils in the border.

Jack Frost was here last night. He only got the windshields of the cars & a little on the roofs in the neighborhood. Brrrr! Guess it's finally time to empty some of the flower pots. It is beautiful & sunny today! I am going to enjoy it while I can.
Stay tuned, I will blog about Little Mister Andrew again soon!
Getting ready for Grandmaland........................Grandma Sharon

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