Friday, November 22, 2013

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting

Here's what I've been up to lately. This is Jennifer's(my mail lady) quilt she made for her hubby.

I was a little worried about the "hairy" minkee back but got lucky & no poking through to the front. Whew!

One of Mr S's coworkers commissioned me to make them a baby quilt.

Norada made "Freeze Frame", a Roxanne Carter pattern. She bought a kit at Gathering Fabric in Woodinville. I love the colors.

And finally a project for me. I am making the amazing Butterfly quilt by Tula Pink. Kristi Willard & I joined forces for inspiration & we are each making one. You can find the pattern here.

I'm using blues, greens & a touch of purple. Mostly from me stash. Woohoo!

Here's Krisit's. Love her colors.

Here's the view from my deck this morning. There's something like this where you live too. You just have to remember to look.

I think the quilting machine is warming up right now. Better get cracking.
Hero Quilt tomorrow with the gang.
Be back soon.

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Marj said...

I just got my pattern in the mail today. I will now have to decide what colors I can pull from my stash.