Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There's Been A Whole Lotta Quiltin' Goin' On-Part 1

I have 4 quilts to show you today.  1st up is a t-shirt Debbie made for her son. 

Lots of different ways to to quilt them. Liked  how the swirls came out in the grey & black fabric around the blocks. 

This quilt is for one of Mr S's coworkers. She saved her nephew's baby clothes. I did all of the piecing & quilting on this one. They are so much fun & I'm sure full of lots of memories of her sweet nephew.

Minkee to keep him warm.

Cindy made this log cabin beauty. Someone will have a beautiful bed for the holidays.

Last up is Sue's fruit & veggie quilt. I'd never seen this pattern before. Love the mix of the baskets & jars. It was very fun to quilt. I just outlined some of the fruit in the baskets. Didn't want to take away from all the great colors.

It might be hard to see but there are peppers quilted in the pepper border. I used this book, 

I'll post a few more as soon as I invoice "quilt mountain".

Stay tuned for Part 2. See  you soon.

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Pam said...

the tshirt quilt is awesome and i love allyour quilting xoxo