Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome Home , Dr Seuss & A Box of Good

Dr Seuss is the theme used for our new Little Mister. I have his quilt ready for quilting. Someone got here a little early & Nana didn't have time to quilt it yet! You can find the tutorial online here. Pam & Jenny have great zig zag quilts on their blogs too!

It doesn't seem possible that while I was gone all the leaves came out & the flowers bloomed. Here's a couple pictures of my "welcome home"!

The lilac is out in all it's glory!
Sweet Johnny Jump Ups are everywhere.
Bumble bees have been busy working the heather & the ever so sweet forget me nots are all in bloom too.
Once a month this arrives on our doorstep. A "Box Of Good" from the Klesick's organic farm. It's fun to see what new veggie or fruit I'm going to try. This week there were the most beautiful artichokes I've ever seen. I'm trying a Mario Batali recipe. Mmmmmm!

Sure was nice to see the sun last week. Hope it comes back soon!

Missing the boys...................Nana Sharon


Pam said...

love your zigzag and your yummy box of good !!!

Jenny said... got sucked in... Everyone has to do a Zig Zag!! And I like the new look on your blog!

Cindy said...

Love the new look. Woke me right up.